18-Jun-2011 – The Worst Day So Far!

18-Jun-2011 – The Worst Day So Far!

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having had chemo on Wednesday I must admit it is rather kicking in today!

Last night was a real rubbish night of disturbed sleep – but I was not alone and Lee gave up on me being restless and vanished off to the other bedroom, as she is won’t to do if I’m not sleeping properly!

I noted she was still awake reading at about 06:15hrs. this morning! I must have got up and wandered around at least twice an hour by then! If it wasn’t what was clearly a Chemo headache with that bar of pressure across the forehead it was tummy or bladder discomfort that kept waking me!

Eventually I got up feeling as if I had a real doozie of a hangover at about 09:30hrs. as I was feeling progressively worse in bed! Eventually I had a shower and went for a VERY gentle walk locally which made me feel a bit better but brought it home to me just how few Red Blood Cells I have carrying O2 around! I’d also hazard a guess that my platelettes are around 50-60 judging by minor blood when I blow my nose.

We were due out for dinner this evening but it was on a confirmation basis so I’m afraid I ducked out when I spoke to Rae – Yes I could have made an effort but to be a wet blanket and feel mis. in someone elses house is not my style.

I expect Sunday to be relatively rough then I should start rebuilding my bloods – if I confirm to pattern. Astonishingly everyone keeps saying how surprisingly well I look so I guess I had better keep up the act! Acting well and laughing actually makes me feel a huge amount better – I just can’t think why people do miserable!

I’m surprised I haven’t heard from David in Shrewsbury as he was scheduled for a ‘Peek & Poke’ this morning (Flexi for bladder cancer, check uuuup) – I do hope he had an all clear again.

 Please Be Sure To
My Blogs
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I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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