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GcMAF etc.

GcMAF etc.

Gc protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor
Claim & Counter Claim

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I make no personal claim for GcMAF or any form of cure for cancer – that certain products have been claimed to have great efficacy in the treatment of cancer is indisputable and many would seem able to put forward varying degrees of provenance that their claimed cure is effective is also true.

I personally incline to follow the claims of mainstream medicine, though I do appreciate that due to the vast profits to be made in supplying drugs there may well be heavily vested interests, unscrupulous lobbying & marketing not to mention bias in the supply of said drugs to mainstream medicine.

I do believe that it is common sense to eat a healthy diet high in natural fruit, low in additive sugar and possibly with a reduction in meat consumption and an even greater reduction in all forms of processed and reclaimed meats and I would also add that most people would seem to have too low an intake of fluids, which is best aided with at least an extra pint (1/2 Litre) of plain water per day.

These comments aside I felt it apposite to publish the comments on GcMAF from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia by way of a caveat prior to entering into any perceived promotion of GcMAF:


GcMAF is a protein produced by modification of vitamin D-binding protein. Its effectiveness is controversial. Proponents of GcMAF claim that it is an immunomodulatory protein that has antitumor properties and strengthens the immune system by macrophage activation.[2][3] A phase I clinical trial is underway to investigate the safety, but not the efficacy, of GcMAF.[4] Organizations including Cancer Research UK have issued warnings informing the public that there is no reliable evidence that GcMAF is effective.[5]
Biochemically, GcMAF results from sequential deglycosylation of the vitamin D-binding protein (the Gc protein), which is naturally promoted by lymphocytes (B and T cells).[3] The resulting protein may be a macrophage activating factor (MAF).[3] MAFs are lymphokines that control the expression of antigens on the surface of macrophages, and one of their functions is to make macrophages become cytotoxic to tumors.[6]
GcMAF has not been properly studied in clinical trials and its laboratory results still need to be confirmed independently. So far, all claims on the efficacy of this product have no solid scientific basis. Its marketing is illegal; therefore there is no controlled guarantee on the quality of the product for human consumption sold over the internet.
Public warning issued by the Anticancer Fund[7]
In 2008 claims were made that GcMAF can provide a permanent cure for cancer and HIV by activating macrophage white blood cell production. These claims have been the subject of criticism.[5] The papers supporting the claims have since been retracted by the journals in which they were published.[8] Consumers have been warned about illegal marketing of the substance over the internet. The Belgian Anticancer Fund has communicated serious concerns to other journals that published studies on GcMAF by Yamamoto and colleagues.[which?] [7]
GcMAF has been promoted as a cure for cancer,[5] HIV,[9] autism[10] and other conditions.[11] The integrity of the research, conducted by Nobuto Yamamoto and colleagues, that originally prompted claims regarding cancer and HIV has been questioned.[5][7] Cancer Research UK has warned the public about spurious claims of clinical benefits, misleadingly based on reduced levels of the alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase enzyme (also known as nagalase), whose production might be increased in many cancers.[5] Nagalase is an enzyme present in normal cells and its use to diagnose or follow-up the diseases claimed to be cured by GcMAF has not been validated. Nagalase deficiency, however, is associated to a rare congenital metabolic disorder called Schindler/Kanzaki disease.
Three out of four of the original studies authored by Yamamoto (published between 2007 and 2009) were retracted by the scientific journals in which they were published in 2014, officially due to irregularities in the way ethical approval was granted.[9][12][13][14] Retraction reasons also included methodological errors in the studies.[15]
Other controversial researches on GcMAF have been published[16][17] in what are known as predatory journals.[18][19]

Here also is a list of cancer treatments claimed to be Unproven and/or disproven by Wikipedia:
Unproven & disproven cancer treatments CLICK HERE
I draw no conclusions which I would be happy to advocate for you, neither am I qualified so to do, and strongly suggest that before venturing into ANY treatment, particularly beyond the confines of mainstream medicine and your own Doctors and Consultants, that you thoroughly investigate the alternatives you have found minded that they may well be little more than ‘quackery for profit’, that said: mainstream medicine has made some major blunders and willfully rejected some areas of progress in the past.

Investigate thoroughly and never forget the decision is yours to make, as is the decision regarding Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and similar mainstream treatments.

David Noakes, is a friend of long-standing from whom I hear on a regular if occasional basis, as he now lives in Guernsey, he is working on cancer treatment and various other cures as the CEO of a company called Immuno Biotech Ltd., with a team of doctors but is experiencing a great deal of difficulty as it would seem he has devised a highly successful treatment which is not under the control of Big Pharma, the BMA, The FDA and the like – you may care to read up on some of the problems he has had at:
David’s current web site is:
GcMAF is claimed on the web site to rebuild the immune system to destroy cancer, infections and chronic diseases. GcMAF with six tests, two of them live-cell activity assays.

Details of the claims for GcMAF are laid out in detail on David’s web site CLICK HERE together with both testimonials and such provenance as Immuno Biotech Ltd. consider relevant.

You will also note the web site gives links to the website that outlines the difficulties both David and his company and staff have experienced in dealing with the claimed authorities CLICK HERE

I have known David for many years and incline to believe him and his claims for GcMAF – but YOU must draw your own conclusions.

PLEASE BE SURE that YOU have read and understood all of the above
before YOU proceed.


You may find this article on GcMAF of interest:

A macrophageNote: This post has been updated as several research papers about Gc-MAF have been retracted. We will continue to update this post as more information becomes available. Last update 05/10/15.

As an organisation dedicated to beating cancer, we have a deep-rooted interest in any new research developments that could lead to new, more effective treatments for the disease.

So when we received an enquiry from a supporter about an article entitled “Cancer cured for good” by Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell* we were intrigued. The article talks about research by Nobuto Yamamoto in the US, looking at a protein called Gc-MAF (aka GcMAF). His published studies appear to show that injections of very small amounts of Gc-MAF can “cure” people with breast, bowel and prostate cancer.

According to the article, “It works 100% of the time to eradicate cancer completely, and cancer does not recur even years later.” Could this be the so-called ‘cure for cancer’ that we’ve been searching for all these years?

Sadly – as with so many things in life – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Major questions are now being raised about Gc-MAF (for example, this investigation by the BBC) and the companies that sell it, and it is not licensed in the UK to treat any disease. [Updated KA 01/10/15]

Let’s explore a bit further.

What’s the idea behind it?

Dr Yamamoto studies the immune system – the highly complex network of cells that helps to keep us healthy. The cells of the immune system – white blood cells – fight bacterial and viral infections because they can recognise and attack these ‘foreign’ invaders. But they’re not so good at tackling cancer, since tumours grow from our own cells and have clever mechanisms to ’cloak’ them from immune attack.

Macrophages (meaning “big eaters” in Greek) are an important type of white blood cell. They patrol the body, eating up foreign invaders and dead cells. They also help to alert other immune cells to the presence of infections.

Macrophages can be stirred into action by a small sugar-coated protein (glycoprotein) called Gc-MAF, short for Gc Macrophage Activating Factor, which is produced by the body. But it’s thought that the production of Gc-MAF is blocked by an enzyme called Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase), produced by many cancers. This is one of the mechanisms that helps tumours evade the immune system.

Yamamoto’s theory is that injecting cancer patients with Gc-MAF should activate their macrophages to fight the cancer. He tested it back in 1997 in a paper published in the journal Cancer Research, showing that injecting Gc-MAF into mice transplanted with cancer cells could improve their survival from around 16 days to around 35.

But the treatment did not ‘cure’ the cancer, as the cancer cells continued to multiply, eventually killing the animals.

However, there are questions about the science underpinning the idea that Gc-MAF can treat cancer. For example, other researchers have found no differences in the levels of Gc-MAF between cancer patients and healthy people – and the levels they do find are far higher than the very small doses proposed to work by Yamamoto. It’s hard to see exactly how this finding fits with the idea of how the treatment is supposed to work, and it doesn’t support the use of Gc-MAF as a treatment for cancer. [Updated KA 05/10/2015]

Clinical trials

Fast-forward a few years, to the publication of three papers detailing the results of clinical trials of Gc-MAF carried out by Yamamoto, testing the treatment on patients with breastbowel and prostate cancer.

Note: The breast cancer paper (Yamamoto et al Int J Cancer 2008) has now been retracted, due to various concerns with the work. Read more on the RetractionWatch blog[Updated KA 25/07/14] The bowel cancer paper (Yamamoto et al Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy 2008) has also now been retractedThis letter details some of the concerns about the work. [Updated KA 09/10/14]

The results appear to be startling – all the patients on the trials are ‘cured’ of cancer. Surely this is an amazing breakthrough?

Put bluntly, no it isn’t. There are significant scientific problems with the trials. For a start, all the studies are very small, involving fewer than twenty patients in each – rather than the thousands needed to make the sort of claims mentioned above.

Next, all the patients involved had received standard treatment for their cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. This is a somewhat unorthodox design for a trial of this kind, because it makes it very difficult to tell if any successes are due to the new drug, or the more conventional treatments.

On top of this, the researchers didn’t actually monitor the progress of tumours in the patients, and provide no clinical information about them. Instead they opt to measure levels of Nagalase in the blood, rather than looking at any standard established markers for cancer.

For example, in the case of the breast cancer patients, there is no detail about their “TNM” (tumour, node, metastasis) status. This is a standard measure of how far a patient’s cancer has spread, and is used to calculate the likelihood that it will return.

Furthermore, the researchers didn’t do any tests to show that injected Gc-MAF was actually activating macrophages in the patients’ blood, or even working in the way that they expect. There is no information about levels of cytokines – the proteins produced by immune cells when they are activated – or analysis of the patients’ immune cells.

Perhaps most significantly, there are no controls – untreated patients for comparison – and the studies only followed the patients for a few years. We have no way of telling whether their cancers were growing again, or had been successfully treated, and whether this was due to Gc-MAF or the other treatment they had received.

Given that 80 per cent of all women with breast cancer survive for at least 5 years, an uncontrolled study showing that 16 women of unknown TNM status survive for at least 4 years is no great shakes, scientifically speaking.

Another small study of 20 patients with a range of cancers, published in 2013, has similar problems. It’s not a controlled trial, and the researchers only measure nagalase levels as an indicator of whether the treatment is ‘working’, and provide very little hard clinical data (such as scans or other recognised tests) about the patients’ actual tumours. For example, in one concerning case, although the researchers showed that an ovarian cancer patient’s nagalase levels had gone down, the levels of  another marker – CA125, which is produced by ovarian cancer cells – had gone up. Yet this is classed as an “improvement” in the paper, with no other supporting information. Overall, this study is also a long way from being convincing evidence that the treatment is effective.  [Updated KA 05/10/2015]

Further problems

Another telling point is the type of journal in which the research was published. If this research was truly groundbreaking, and pointed the way to a cure for cancer, then the research would likely be found in top-tier ’high-impact’ medical journals journals like The LancetThe New England Journal of Medicine or the Journal of the American Medical Association.

And finally, virtually all the references in the papers are to other papers published by Yamamoto and his team. If Gc-MAF was indeed a promising candidate for a successful cancer treatment, you’d expect plenty of other research to show the same thing. Scientists are usually quick to spot promising, emerging fields of research and jump on the bandwagon.

The poor quality of scientific papers supporting GcMAF is discussed here on the Scholarly Open Access blog[Updated KA 25/07/14]

Is there hope?

Although this particular approach isn’t all it’s hyped up to be, harnessing the power of immune system could be a very potent way to treat cancer. We’ve blogged many times already on high-quality research into immunotherapy (for example hereherehere and here)

And many Cancer Research UK-funded scientists are also working in this field. For example, Professor Fran Balkwill and her team are working on ways to trick macrophages and other immune cells into attacking cancer cells.

In 2014, researchers in Israel started a small-scale early-stage clinical trial looking at the dosage and safety of GcMAF in cancer patients. The full protocol and further information are available on the register[Updated KA 25/07/14]

To sum up

The advent of the internet has led to a wild proliferation of stories of ‘miracle cures’ for cancer – virtually all of which are based on shaky (or zero) science.

Some companies are selling Gc-MAF for use by cancer patients. This treatment is not approved or licensed in the UK for treating cancer or any 0ther disease. Given that there is no solid scientific evidence to show that the treatment is safe or effective, we would not recommend that cancer patients use it. [Updated KA 25/07/14] 

Cancer is an extremely complex disease. In fact, it is more than 200 distinct diseases, each requiring different treatment. And the success of treatment depends on many things, including the genetic make-up of the tumour, the stage of diagnosis, and how aggressive the cancer is.

To suggest that there is a ‘magic bullet’ that cures all cancers is simplistic in the extreme.


More information and updates:

*Cancer Research UK is not responsible for the content of external websites. This is not an endorsement of the website by Cancer Research UK. The original page has been taken down – the link in this post is from the Internet Archive (captured February 2009) [Updated KA 01/10/15]

The original of this article is CLICK HERE



It is also worthy of note that as I post this article, my friend, David Noakes is in prison seemingly not for providing GC-MAF but for failure to comply with regulations regarding the product/process and its supply. Be minded that there seems to have been no claim that the treatment was harmful, nor was there any claim that it did not work! Note the BBC report of the trial and the links provided:

Cancer ‘cure’ boss David Noakes jailed for 15 months

  • 27 November 2018
David Noakes outside Southwark Crown Court
Image caption: David Noakes said his company had 10,000 customers

The founder of a company selling a so-called cancer cure has been jailed for 15 months.

David Noakes, of Waldershare near Dover, Kent, illegally made and distributed GcMAF globally from the UK.

His company Immuno Biotech made millions selling the substance online, Southwark Crown Court heard.

The 65-year-old had previously pleaded guilty to money laundering and manufacturing, supplying and selling an unlicensed medicine.

‘Vulnerable people’

Sentencing him, Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith said: “It is not GcMAF that is on trial.”

He said Noakes “firmly” believed GcMAF had helped and would help people but had showed a “reckless disregard for the regulatory regime”.

He had sold it to “extremely vulnerable people” and the fact it was freely available for sale on the internet was “horrifying”, the judge added.

Judge Lorraine-Smith told Noakes the evidence pointed “very strongly to personal gain becoming a motive as your business developed” and he had “no doubt that almost from the beginning you knew that what you were doing was unlawful”.

GcMAF drug
Image caption: Noakes’s estranged wife Lorraine helped distribute the blood plasma product from her home in Bournemouth

Guernsey-based Immuno Biotech sold the unlicensed human blood product through its website to an estimated 10,000 people, Noakes told the court last week.

The supply was discovered when the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) raided a Cambridge laboratory in January 2015, and warned the public GcMAF may pose a significant risk to people’s health.

Between 2011 and the MHRA raid, Immuno Biotech made £7.9m from the sale of products with Noakes spending nearly £1m of it on planes, Southwark Crown Court heard.

It was marketed as a cure for autism, HIV and cancer, although Noakes admitted he was constantly “toning down” the claims and no-longer said GcMAF was a cancer cure.

Cancer Research UK and the National Autistic Society were among those who have raised concerns about the product and Guernsey’s government banned its importation in February 2015.

Noakes was sentenced to 12-month terms for each of four offences relating to the unlicensed medicine to run concurrently, and to a further three months for money laundering.

He was also disqualified as a company director for eight years.

Immuno Biotech scientist Dr Rodney Smith, 55, of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire was jailed for eight months after admitting five charges relating to the manufacture, possession and sale and supply of unlicensed medicine.

Another scientist, Emma Ward, 44, also of Huntingdon, was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years and also ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty to five charges relating to unlicensed medicine.

‘Killing people’

Lorraine Noakes, 58 of Ringwood, Hampshire, was given a six-month sentence suspended for two years on both counts and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work after admitting two counts of selling and supplying the unlicensed substance at an earlier hearing.

Noakes’ estranged wife distributed the GcMAF by packing it in vials in flasks bought from household retailer Wilko,.

A statement from Guernsey’s health committee said due to “the decision to ban the importation of this unlicensed and untested product, both staff and politicians were subjected to abuse and accusations the likes of which we have never seen before and sincerely hope to never see again.”

It said politicians and officers were “publicly accused of being corrupt and killing people”, but carried out their “overarching aim to protect the community”.

To view the BBC’s Original Article CLICK HERE

More on this story

Cancer ‘cure’ boss David Noakes tells court ‘It’s all my fault’
23 November 2018

GcMAF: Millions made from sale of ‘cancer cure’
21 November 2018
GcMAF: David Noakes ‘no scientist’, court hears
21 November 2018
Cancer ‘cure’ distributed in household flasks
20 November 2018
I was interested to note that it seems David Noakes was prosecuted and sentenced to 15 months with apparently no claim that he harmed anyone, you will note for an apparent first offence 15 months for a technicality seems a long sentence when we hear of individuals who receive shorter sentences for sexual abuse of children and even sexual trafficking of minors – I must admit it does look very much as if David Noakes fell foul of the Pharmaceutical Industry by providing a cure for cancer that was all too similar to the cancer cure they have subsequently decided to market themselves, as announced on Sky News in the last few days, a cure involving a Californian laboratory being trialled by the NHS, initially in around 20 cases at a cost of around £350K whether in total or each was not made clear!
It is interesting to note there is currently no proven cure for cancer and neither Chemo Therapy nor Radio Therapy are proven cures merely treatments that seem to be beneficial and I speak as a possible beneficiary of both these treatments having survived cancer, described, since 1997, on more than one occasion as terminal!
Although perhaps not as I would have presented the news of David Noakes’ Court case & sentencing, there is no doubt that the report below, by the NHF ( National Health Federation) does make what seem to be some very valid points.
This article below was first published by The NHF at CLICK HERE


Instead of a Medal They Gave Him Prison

Injustice Done to David Noakes as UK Government Kills More People

By Scott C. Tips

December 11, 2018

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell

David Noakes – businessman, philanthropist, pioneer, and NHF Vice Chairman – now sits behind bars in an English prison. His crime? He cured people of cancer and other diseases. Did he make money off of it? Yes. Did he also donate an unheard-of 25% of his GcMAF product to poor people who could not afford it? Yes again. Most importantly, did he make a cancer-solution available to thousands of people who previously had had no hope of living? Absolutely.

GcMAF, the Cancer Cure

GcMAF is not a synthetic pharmaceutical drug, with all of the risks that a newly created chemical may have. GcMAF is a natural protein that is already inside billions of healthy people. There are zero fears as to its safety. GcMAF also exists in less than a billionth of a gram, so even if it had been arsenic it would still have been quite safe. As an added bonus, GcMAF injections are administered at a fraction of the cost of the typical toxic chemotherapy treatment, have no side effects, and are far more likely to result in a successful outcome (1.5-2.5% success rate for chemotherapy; 75%-100% success rate for GcMAF depending upon the type of cancer).

In fact, 100% of those treated by Noakes’ clinics for liver and pancreatic cancer survived. Both cancers are typically death sentences for anyone diagnosed with them and the survival rate is invariably one year from the time of diagnosis. Indeed, Maureen Kennedy Salaman, the NHF president before me, died of pancreatic cancer in 2006, unfortunately before GcMAF came onto the market.

It was health writer, author, and researcher Bill Sardi who really first broke the story about GcMAF research back in 2008, published in Health Freedom Newsthat year and the next. The story then took off from there and will not go away.

Autism Helped Too

In May 2011, Doctor Jeffrey Bradstreet called Noakes from Georgia, USA. He wanted to use Noakes’ GcMAF for autistic children. Although Noakes doubted it would work, Bradstreet insisted. Just eight weeks later he called Noakes back saying he had the best results he had ever experienced. Of his non-verbal autistic children, some were speaking normally, and no longer autistic. He later stated 15% recovered, and a further 70% were improved to some extent. He and Noakes co-wrote two scientific research papers, one in the journal Autism Insights. Inspired, Noakes and his scientific team developed Goleic, an improved form of GcMAF in June 2013, and they then saw that 25% of autistic children were recovering. Two years later, Bradstreet was murdered soon after the authorities raided his clinic. His killer has still not been found.

Ten other “autistic” doctors went with Noakes’ GcMAF and treated 3,000 children. From April 2012, Dr. Nicola Antonucci treated 400 children; he found GcMAF the most effective treatment he had ever used with autism; it improved 80%, and he wrote a laboratory research paper with Dr. Siniscalco and Dr. Bradstreet on the endocannabinoid system and the evaluation on genes and proteins activated by GcMAF in autistic children. They found that “GcMAF treatment was able to normalize the observed differences in dysregulated gene expression of the endocannabinoid system of the autism group.” That is part of the reason GcMAF works with autism.

Thugs for Big Pharma

Well, thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and various other EU regulatory authorities, true and effective GcMAF is no longer on the market. Sporting no soul consciousness whatsoever, the FDA and MHRA thugs dutifully carried out their marching orders to suppress all competition to the $200 billion cancer industry.

David Noakes’ product did not hurt a single patient but instead cured or helped the vast majority of them (11,500), all while costing those patients either nothing at all or a mere fraction of the cost of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, the only permitted cancer treatments allowed in Anglo-Saxon countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. One could almost be led to think that the authorities wish to never find a cure for cancer. After all, it is way too profitable.

So, it should be no surprise to anyone then that while the FDA blocked GcMAF shipments into the United States, the other rogue-agency MHRA in England and on the Crown-island of Guernsey swooped down on Noakes’ and others’ GcMAF manufacturing and distribution facilities, conducting 33 persecutions that included Noakes being forced to watch 12 formerly terminal patients, who had been recovering from cancer, die on Guernsey after the MHRA banned GcMAF, 14 raids by over 100 officers, all of his savings seized, the closure of his bank accounts and company, 4 scientists, 7 doctors and 27 staff members put out of work, arrests with David Noakes seeing the inside of jail cells including the infamous Wandsworth Prison, being transported in prison lorries, the confiscation of all passports, bail and a court case. In all, the MHRA’s ban of GcMAF killed 200 patients outright (not to mention the countless others denied effective treatment), while GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) gets not even a hand slap for the drug Avandia, which killed over 83,000 people. Did I forget to tell you, though, that the MHRA board is peppered with former GSK executives?

So, for three and three-quarters years, that is until the week of November 19, 2018, David Noakes and many of his colleagues lingered in that twilight zone of anxiety, apprehension, and forced impoverishment while awaiting trail and possible imprisonment of up to 20 years. One person, David Halsall, had already in fact been thrown into French prison without charges, where he languished in misery until only recently released to await trial there.

The Plea Hearing

On September 24th, I was in London at the Southwark Crown Court to meet with David Noakes and his attorneys before a hearing later that day where he was to enter his pleas to the seven charges confronting him (six counts for distribution of an unlicensed medicinal product and one count of “money laundering,” which is always present as a charge if anyone makes even one penny off of the sale of an “unlicensed” medicine and is really unfair “double jeopardy”). While David Noakes did not want to plead guilty to any of those charges and certainly not to the completely bogus charge of “money laundering,” the unique British justice system funnels (i.e., stronglyencourages) its defendants into pleading guilty at the earliest possible stage of any criminal proceeding.

If a suspect admits his or her guilt immediately upon arrest, then the Judge at the time of sentencing has the most leeway in showing mercy, whereas by law that leeway declines with time until at trial if the defendant loses, then the Judge will have no leeway whatsoever in showing sentencing mercy. And since Noakes was facing 10 years or more in prison for what is considered a “strict liability” crime with no jury trial possible and conviction probable, he was effectively forced to plead guilty to all charges except one, which his attorneys negotiated away and was dismissed.

The MHRA case was heavily based on fraud: They had never heard of GcMAF. Even to the end, the MHRA and its court counsel, Gillian Jones of Red Lion Chambers, seemed totally incapable of informing themselves by reading research papers and didn’t even look at PubMed (the U.S. National Library of Medicine), which has 70 GcMAF papers stored in an easy-to-find location. Indeed, in court, Ms. Jones ignored all of the evidence presented and simply steamrollered ahead on her ridiculous mission to present David Noakes and GcMAF as a fraud. For those who think that women in law bring a higher level of ethics to the profession, they only need to see amoral Gillian Jones as complete disproof of that silly notion. She was Evil Personified, sporting a powdered wig as her only disguise.

David Noakes’ defense had always been the truth: That the MHRA has Big-Pharma directors, has always failed in its stated mission to support new treatments and instead shuts down natural treatments like Vitamin B17, CBD oil, Zara’s tea (Combretastatin), and now GcMAF. MHRA would rather license pharmaceutical drugs that kill. Opiods, Vioxx, and Avastin have killed 450,000, while GcMAF never killed anyone. Moreover, eleven public bodies and persons have stated that the MHRA is unfit to do its job. MHRA would clearly nevergive Noakes a license for GcMAF. The Medicines laws have been put in place by Big-Pharma lobby money for no other purpose than to create a monopoly for themselves alone that excludes innovative, new treatments and small companies such as Noakes’. And the public’s health be damned.

The Sentencing Hearing

During the entire week of November 19, 2018, David Noakes’ legal team was allowed to produce witnesses and other evidence in favor of a more lenient sentence before the Honorable Nicolas Loraine-Smith, who by all appearances was tough- but fair-minded. Indeed, during Noakes’ own time upon the witness stand, the Judge treated David Noakes more gently and kindly than did Noakes’ own attorney!

In the event, of the 20 witnesses whom Noakes wanted on the witness stand to testify on his behalf, his own counsel only placed one of those witnesses on the stand and even then only for a very brief time. David Noakes himself had to carry the testimonial burden.

As one of those 20 proposed witnesses, I myself had flown across the Channel on November 20th, prepared to testify as an authority on food-and-drug law and the predatory practices of the MHRA and FDA. However, at the very last minute, just before I was to take the stand, Noakes’ counsel told me that they would not call me to the stand. David Noakes was horrified, and I was not happy either. I flew home that day thinking very ill thoughts of his trial attorney.

Ian R. Crane did a very creditable job of reporting on this week of hearings, and his somewhat verbose daily reports can be viewed herehereherehereherehere, and here. The unsung heroes and heroines of this week, though, were the numerous friends and supporters who turned out despite the cold, rainy weather every day to attend the hearing and who packed the courtroom’s public gallery with friendly and sympathetic faces. These angels were a strong counter-weight to the MHRA minions lurking around and darkening the doorway of the courtroom.

As it turned out, David Noakes held up well, despite being on the witness stand for hours and with unfriendly questioning by both his own attorney and the prosecuting witch. (I saw her and, yes, she does look like a witch to me, although I do not intend by this to insult witches with such a comparison.) On the witness stand, and even though admitting that he was not a scientist, Noakes showed an amazing grasp and knowledge of GcMAF, the science behind it, and its current application. In fact, Noakes knew more about GcMAF than all of the people in the courtroom put together.

The Sentence Handed Down

With the hearings over by Friday, November 23rd, it was then up to the prosecution and defense to submit written summations to the Judge on the following Monday (November 26th) with the Judge to then issue his decision on sentencing on Tuesday the 27th. The Judge did just that.

Now, keep in mind that Noakes was facing 8 years in prison. That is what the MHRA badly sought and argued for. There was no hope that Noakes could escape without any custodial time (time in prison) as his ex-wife Lorraine Noakes was to get when she received no prison time and probation for the “crime” of distributing GcMAF and saving lives.

So, on that Tuesday, Judge Nicolas Loraine-Smith decided that David Noakes had attempted to save lives and that GcMAF could be effective to treat cancer and other diseases. Still, the Judge did not award David Noakes the medal that he deserved.

Instead, the Judge sentenced him to twelve months in prison for the “marketing medicinal products without a license” charges and an additional three months in prison for the bogus “money laundering” charge. While this was not what we had hoped for, in light of 96 months in prison that he could have received, this was comparatively light (and gracious of the Judge), especially when we hear that Noakes’ legal team thinks he could be released in only four months’ time.

The MHRA promptly issued a statement, gloating about their victory. They claimed that the conviction showed that they had been right to stop Noakes, ignoring the hard fact that by doing so they had caused hundreds, thousands, even millions of deaths both now and in the future. Instead of being ashamed, these thugs celebrated their own ignorance and stupidity while doing what most bureaucrats around the World invariably do: Glorify procedure over outcome.

Matt Waterman, a commentator based on the island of Guernsey, aptly pointed out the MHRA’s complete and utter hypocrisy: “So the very next day the Health Department comes, apparently unashamedly, to [Guernsey, where this GcMAF adventure all started] with a proposal to save lives using methodology which is reckless to put it kindly. … The Health Department could have achieved the life-saving objective without the risks which they have taken, whereas in the Noakes case his opponents argue that there is not enough evidence that GcMAF is a life saver.” In other words, the MHRA launches into a very risky project that supposedly is to save lives while at the same time taking down humanity’s best hope at present for defeating cancer with zero harmful side effects. The MHRA’s paymasters must be especially proud of such obedient lap dogs.

Final Points

So, David Noakes now sits in jail, while the real criminals continue to roam freely, killing people right and left with their mindless greed and stupidity. Maybe he will be released from prison in four months or maybe he will not. Either way, this selfless and generous man deserved a medal and not the prison term that a corrupt system forced upon him.

Please sign our Petition to the Government to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for a Royal Pardon for David Noakes here. And please write David Noakes words of support at: David Noakes – A7081DY, P.O. Box 757, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 3HU England.

NHF will keep you current on David Noakes’ situation. Thank you all for your support,


Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA 

         A great injustice has been done in Your Kingdom and we humbly ask for your help in remedying this injustice.
         David Noakes – a businessman, philanthropist, health pioneer, and British subject – now sits behind bars in an English prison. His crime? He cured people of cancer and other diseases using a natural product called GcMAF. Did he make money off of it? Yes. Did he also donate an unheard-of 25% of his GcMAF product to poor people who could not afford it? Yes again. Most importantly, did he make a cancer-solution available to thousands of people who previously had had no hope of living? Absolutely. Did anyone die from his cancer cure? Not a soul.
         GcMAF is not a synthetic pharmaceutical drug, with all of the risks that a newly created chemical may have. GcMAF is a natural protein that all healthy people normally produce and that is already inside billions of individuals. There are zero fears as to its safety. GcMAF also exists in less than a billionth of a gram, so even if it had been arsenic it would still have been quite safe. As an added bonus, GcMAF injections are administered at a fraction of the cost of the typical toxic chemotherapy treatment, have no side effects, and are far more likely to result in a successful outcome (1.5-2.5% success rate for chemotherapy; 75%-100% success rate for GcMAF, depending upon the type of cancer).
              In fact, 100% of those treated by Mr Noakes’ clinics for liver and pancreatic cancer survived. Both cancers are typically death sentences for anyone diagnosed with them and the survival rate is invariably one year from the time of diagnosis. Mr Noakes’ product actually works and has saved many lives.
         David Noakes’ real crime? He went up against the pharmaceutical industry and its $200 BILLION cancer industry. When threatened, they call in the MHRA to eliminate any possible threat of competition. After all, we cannot possibly have people being cured of cancer now, can we? Bad for business.
         Your Majesty, Mr Noakes was sentenced to a prison term in Crown Court Southwark on 27th November 2018 for failing to follow a licensing procedure that everyone knows would have been futile and rejected after much time, money, and many lives were lost. He deserves a medal and certainly not a prison term.
         We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that Your Majesty please pardon Mr David Noakes and show him mercy at the earliest opportunity.
         Respectfully submitted,
         The Undersigned Petitioners

much seems to have been made, by the prosecution, of statements made by complainants with a vested interest that ‘GcMAF might be a risk to those who took it’ -I believe it would not be unfair to point out that so might putting pepper on ones food be a risk for some people!
It is of note that not a single example of someone harmed by GcMAF could be presented in support of the prosecution’s claims, despite the fact that the records of over 10,000 people who had been supplied with GcMAF had been accessed by the prosecution!
Minded that there is absolutely no KNOWN & PROVEN cure for cancer, autism, HIV and a host of other maladies, particularly those with frequent terminal outcomes clearly as no instance of damage was led and the treatment was by choice I believe the rulings of the Court and the Court’s apparent blind willingness to uphold what seems to be a very questionable area of law that would seem in part to be made law based upon the profit motives of a number of wealthy corporations, possibly at the cost of the wellbeing of both health and choice of the individual – when there have been no downside risks proven or even shown – seems harsh, if not an outright abuse of the judicial process!
Serial rapists, drunk drivers, child molesters, corrupt politicians and abusers and Police firearms killers who murder innocent individuals are frequently treated more leniently than David Noakes, could it be that David Noakes was harming the profits of individuals and corporations of influence?



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