GcMAF etc.

GcMAF etc.

Gc protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor
Claim & Counter Claim

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I make no personal claim for GcMAF or any form of cure for cancer – that certain products have been claimed to have great efficacy in the treatment of cancer is indisputable and many would seem able to put forward varying degrees of provenance that their claimed cure is effective is also true.

I personally incline to follow the claims of mainstream medicine, though I do appreciate that due to the vaste profits to be made in supplying drugs there may well be heavily vested interests, unscrupulous lobbying & marketing not to mention bias in the supply of said drugs to mainstream medicine.

I do believe that it is common sense to eat a healthy diet high in natural fruit, low in addative sugar and possibly with a reduction in meat consumption and an even greater reduction in all forms of processed and reclaimed meats and I would also add that most people would seem to have too low an intake of fluids, which is best aided with at least an extra pint (1/2 Litre) of plain water per day.

These comments aside I felt it apposite to publish the comments on GcMAF from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia by way of a caveat prior to entering into any perceived promotion of GcMAF:


GcMAF is a protein produced by modification of vitamin D-binding protein. Its effectiveness is controversial. Proponents of GcMAF claim that it is an immunomodulatory protein that has antitumor properties and strengthens the immune system by macrophage activation.[2][3] A phase I clinical trial is underway to investigate the safety, but not the efficacy, of GcMAF.[4] Organizations including Cancer Research UK have issued warnings informing the public that there is no reliable evidence that GcMAF is effective.[5]
Biochemically, GcMAF results from sequential deglycosylation of the vitamin D-binding protein (the Gc protein), which is naturally promoted by lymphocytes (B and T cells).[3] The resulting protein may be a macrophage activating factor (MAF).[3] MAFs are lymphokines that control the expression of antigens on the surface of macrophages, and one of their functions is to make macrophages become cytotoxic to tumors.[6]
GcMAF has not been properly studied in clinical trials and its laboratory results still need to be confirmed independently. So far, all claims on the efficacy of this product have no solid scientific basis. Its marketing is illegal; therefore there is no controlled guarantee on the quality of the product for human consumption sold over the internet.
Public warning issued by the Anticancer Fund[7]
In 2008 claims were made that GcMAF can provide a permanent cure for cancer and HIV by activating macrophage white blood cell production. These claims have been the subject of criticism.[5] The papers supporting the claims have since been retracted by the journals in which they were published.[8] Consumers have been warned about illegal marketing of the substance over the internet. The Belgian Anticancer Fund has communicated serious concerns to other journals that published studies on GcMAF by Yamamoto and colleagues.[which?] [7]
GcMAF has been promoted as a cure for cancer,[5] HIV,[9] autism[10] and other conditions.[11] The integrity of the research, conducted by Nobuto Yamamoto and colleagues, that originally prompted claims regarding cancer and HIV has been questioned.[5][7] Cancer Research UK has warned the public about spurious claims of clinical benefits, misleadingly based on reduced levels of the alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase enzyme (also known as nagalase), whose production might be increased in many cancers.[5] Nagalase is an enzyme present in normal cells and its use to diagnose or follow-up the diseases claimed to be cured by GcMAF has not been validated. Nagalase deficiency, however, is associated to a rare congenital metabolic disorder called Schindler/Kanzaki disease.
Three out of four of the original studies authored by Yamamoto (published between 2007 and 2009) were retracted by the scientific journals in which they were published in 2014, officially due to irregularities in the way ethical approval was granted.[9][12][13][14] Retraction reasons also included methodological errors in the studies.[15]
Other controversial researches on GcMAF have been published[16][17] in what are known as predatory journals.[18][19]

Here also is a list of cancer treatments claimed to be Unproven and/or disproven by Wikipedia:
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I draw no conclusions which I would be happy to advocate for you, neither am I qualified so to do, and strongly suggest that before venturing into ANY treatment, particularly beyond the confines of mainstream medicine and your own Doctors and Consultants, that you thoroughly investigate the alternatives you have found minded that they may well be little more than ‘quackery for profit’, that said: mainstream medicine has made some major blunders and willfully rejected some areas of progress in the past.
Investigate thoroughly and never forget the decision is yours to make, as is the decision regarding Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and similar main stream treatments.

PLEASE BE SURE that YOU have read and understood all of the above before YOU proceed.

David Noakes, a friend of long standing from whom I hear on a regular if occasional basis, as he now lives in Guernsey and is working on cancer treatment and cures as the CEO of a company called Immuno Biotech Ltd. with a team of doctors but is experiencing a great deal of difficulty as it would seem he has devised a highly successful treatment which is not under the control of Big Pharma, the BMA, The FDA and the like – you may care to read up on some of the problems he has had at:
David’s current web site is:
GcMAF is claimed on the web site to rebuild the immune system to destroy cancer, infections and chronic diseases. GcMAF with six tests, two of them live cell activity assays.
Details of the claims for GcMAF are laid out in detail on David’s web site CLICK HERE together with both testimonials and such provenance as Immuno Biotech Ltd. consider relevant.
You will also note the web site gives links to the website that outlines the difficulties both David and his company and staff have experienced in dealing with the claimed authorities CLICK HERE

I have known David for many years and incline to believe him and his claims for GcMAF – but YOU must draw your own concllusions.
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