19-Jun-2011 – On The mend!

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well so far so good! I went to bed relatively early for me last night and slept QUITE well but only for about 2 hours at a time, but I’m used to that!

I must say I WAS feeling jaded when I woke and took a long time to get up – It is remarcably like a hangover with too little sleep and Dave said the effect on him was similar.

Dave has now finished his first battering with chemo but they weren’t too happy as from neck cancer he has clear mets. to spots on the lungs, fortunately they seem to be fairly stable. He then 15 hits of Radio Therapy which left him very tired and with neck cancer it has hardly worked miracles for his swallowing or appetite – but I gather that is recovering and his next phase (No details yet) will be Radiation Therapy.

It does all seem like a huge experiment with a lets try a bit of this ‘scientific’ basis – IS IT Just luck?

Lee has just materialised with a pint of fruit – 2 Pears, 2 Apples, 1 Mango and fresh orange juice really very nice and avoids one of nthe complications of Chemo which for some is constipation. I tend to have about 2 pints of this or similar every day.

Clearly eating this much fruit can do one no harm and it seems to be the only way to consume fruit as Tesco is realistically our only source and their fruit is abysmal if you hope to eat it! Tesco fruit seems never to ripen which is either a case of remaining hard or moving directly to rotten!

I do wonder why Tesco try to pretend they can retail fruit as they are truelly incompetent at it and their fruit is a disgrace!

However I am perfectly happy to use chosen Tesco fruit and before it moves from brick hard to rotten cut it up and put it in the blender where mixed it comes up with a very passable smoothy of pure fruit.

DON’T try to eat Tesco Fruit it is disgusting in the main and nothing more than a con.

Right – its 14:30hrs. I think I will go and have a shower and then go for a gentle stroll either around Chepstow Castle or along the bank of The River Wye – see what takes my fancy once I’ve showered. All down to how my bloods are recovering as when O2 is low a shower leaves me feeling like I’ve just run half a marathon!!

I note Kirsty William’s office hasn’t sent me the budget report for The NHS in Wales in electronic form yet – They gave me a copy in hard form last week and it outright admits that The National Ass 4 Wales squandered £1Billion of NHS money to no medical gain!!

As soon as I get the electronic copy I’ll post it with highlighting and notes on the blog!

These EU Assemblies are little more than an obscene joke providing a structure for bribery of ingrates to betray all around them for the gain of the centralised Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy.

Imagine politicians and their parasites in the Snivil Cervice openly admitting they stole £1Billion from the sick to spend on their pet political projects – They are truelly the scum of the earth aren’t they!


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