14-Oct-2011 – appt.: Dr. Lester re.: Treatment Outcomes

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this being the first serious roundup of the outcome of my chemo & radio therapy – neither of which come with much of a track record of certainty – I would be a fool to try to claim I was unconcerned!

I have had a bit of ongoing discomfort which has proved worrying – well worrying for me! A chat with my St. David’s Nurse Nairn (Sort of Macmillan Nursing for Monmouthshire and a bit of Wales where they also run charity shops to fund hospice care etc.) Anyway Nairn was right I think, when she said it was most likely to be part of the aftermath of the treatment and if it was more challenging (mets. or tumour growth) by now it would be more vigerous and likely to have more notable symptoms ‘take some CoCodomol and see if that helps’ – so I didn’t bother.

One aspect of the main wound hernia and the absolute lack of stomach muscles of any use is that it has led to standard male patern groin hernia which is not of help! In fact standing still or lifting becomes very uncomfortable and I have definitely been doing too much lifting recently!

Anyway, the day for clinic caught up with me faster than I had expected!

Jason Lester was running almost on time and he was VERY reassuring as he felt I had fared very well and better than he had expected ‘without so much as having the good grace to be ill’!

Lester feels there is every reason to be optimistic indicating that had the cancer not been destroyed at this stage there was every reason that I would be expected to be considerably more unwell and even not have made it this far!

Lester wants to seem me again just before Christmas as he intends to keep a close eye for the future – probably an element of astonishment and many might think in masochism!!!

So the plan is a Flexi at The Royal Gwent and a CT scan Velindre before seeing Jason Lester for the next check-up.

One thing that he felt of paerticular value was a meeting with his Radiology Consultant and they studied the MRI scan I had had. There is no doubt that I have degenerative spinal damage but that my spine shows no sign of any cancerous invasion or damage.

A spin off of the MRI scan was, apparently, that it showed up the lymph system and there is no visibl;e evidence of the cancer in the lymph glands and since it was in one of the glands in April there was every possibility of spread.

I guess I got lucky with a great deal of help from Julian Lester and his team at Velindre!!

Yes of course the cancer is likely to return but time is of value!

Especially after 13 years and so many rounds in this challenge – There are a lot of people who need to see a future and 13 years looks like a lifetime when first diagnosed the longer I can set an example the better the LIFEline for all.

So off to have a full set of bloods done before heading home to give Lee the good news.

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