06-Jun- 2011 – CLINIC – RESULTS & THE PLAN!

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Shortly after returning from the canteen our name came up and it was into Clinic with Dr. Lester.

Chatted for a few moments about having eventually got married after 26 years – he was quite miffed as we had beaten him as he had been with his partner for 23 years when they got married! He was originally a Londoner but has married a Welsh girl.

Anyway cutting to the chase:

Firstly he is surprised at how spot on my bloods are considering I’ve got one kidney, one adrenal gland years of cancer and buckets of chemo!!

He sees no problem there and is very pleased he has managed to so successfully trash my bloods every time with chemo thus starving the cancer.

Now for the scan:

Some good and some not so bad!

For the first time he feels he can, since I understand the limitations, talk of a cure.

Obviously this is NOT a cure of cancer but a cure of this outbreak and we then have a watching brief, if lucky, for the next return!

Even if we win this round it could be back in 3 months, or 3 years or if VERY lucky longer.


The tumour on the Uretal stump would seem to have shrunk by about 20% that is OK but not wonderful.

The Radiologist and he had conferred and they believe that the Lymph Node which was necrotic & cancerous seems free of cancer but due to deformation it is hard to be certain.

Schematic diagram of a lymph node showing flow...LYMPH NODE Image via Wikipedia

However it does seem that the Lymph Node on The Femoral Artery which was believed to be cancerous almost definitely isn’t and is, like apparently many lymph nodes, naturally deformed and NOT cancerous.   

So What Now & Why:

OK so the game plan changes!

Dr. Lester is relatively pleased particularly as the cancer HAS responded to chemo on the dosages he advocated but it hasn’t destroyed it totally.

The fear is now that if he ploughs on for the full programme as originally planned the cancer may well become imune to the treatment but the chemo will go on beating me up! I gather the aim is to kill the cancer before you kill the patient!

So we now give it one more round of chemo to ‘drive the nail home’ so to speak.

That is a day 01 which is on Wednesday 08-Jun-2011 which is Carb & Gem

Then the following Wed 15-Jun-2011 which is a day 08 with Gem only.

The next phase will be a schedule of 20 hits of Radio Therapy – 5 days a week for 4 weeks. But more of that later when IO know what the full game plan is.

Lester did say that the sideeffects are less punishing but that I am likely to be very tired during the last 2 weeks – Hardly surprising 80 Mile round trip to Velindre on the same boring bit of M4 every day!!

So that is the game plan so far.

I’m ‘fairly’ laid back about it – but then again what choice do I have! So it is best to not get wound up about it – laughing is always a good medicine and with all my various contacts and blogs I just don’t have time to be concerned! JUST SCARED 😉

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I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
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