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23-Feb-2017 – 10:30hrs. Royal Gwent Urology Dept. Day Unit for A TURP op. :

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Greg Lance – Watkins






well if I was in any doubt that I needed this op. the numberr of times I woke and had to go to the toilet during the last few nights was fairly convincing! One starts to wonder why one goes to bed if you get up in the morning more tired than you were at bed time, the odd nap not withstanding!

So anyway we got up showered etc. in a less leisurely manner than normal – then checked I had meds. and other kit sorted and off to the Royal Gwent, in Lee’s car the buffeting of Storm Doris was considerably more noticeable than in the Volvo!
Lee dropped me off and ensured that I wasn’t subject to an NHS unscheduled cancellation but all is well and at least I know all the medical staff apart from the young Doctors on rotation! I must have had around 14 or 15 trans urithral procedures for bladder cancer etc. over the years.
This is somewhat more consequential but much the same.
So it was now the waiting game I had to check in in the morning but I am on Adam Carter’s afternoon list due for 14:00hrs.
Registrar Matt came round explained procedure yet again.
Then Catlin (Consultant Anaethatist) was with me for about half an hour! Going through details and facts and finally arriving at the conclusion that she was not happy to do the op. without a direct instruction and further discussion as she felt on a rough estimate that there was a 10 to 15% chance that due to anti coagulents I might well bleed sufficiently to catastophicly drop my haemaglobin level qand supply of oxygen to my heart thus inducing a heart attack that could/would prove fatal for me.
So it was time for all to think again!
I said I believed that the risk was mine to take and if this was the best odds available I would go ahead!
After prolongued conversation with Adam Carter (Head of Urology) who I have had as my consultant for many years and further talk with Catlin we have decided to try to improve the odds by closer contact with my cardiology consultant Patrick and ensuring Catlin & Adam were hands on for the op. and a HDU (High Dependency Unit) bed was available, pre booked for 3 or 4 days, for me so that I can be closely monitored after the op.
So now we are aiming for 23-Mar-2017 to go ahead with everything in place!
If you are reading this as a prospective TURP patient or a friend of someone about to have one DO NOT PANIC – each person is very different and my case is fairly extreme as I have no lefy coronary artery, and have had a massive heart attck as a result and already I am a bit of a miracle to be here atall! My coronary consultant has said I must take anti coagulant daily and this increases bleeding and the risk as a TURP under those circumstances can bleed heavily and take longer to heal. So don’t panic – I’ve had TURPs previously to my heart attack and had absolutely no problems.

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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