Emergency Admission SAU Gwent, with Clotting in the Bladder


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this all started on Saturday 27th. with discomfort in the bladder then early on Monday morning I started bleeding quite noticeably from the bladder with fresh (red) blood every time I urinated and both frequency & urgency!

29-Feb-2016 – Bladder Bleed saw Dr. Sarah Smith (one of my GPs) – NSU so Nitrofurantoin again!
it continued to bleed so I rang Out of Hours service as an alert if I block, a Dr. Hussein v. helpfull – on standby for single call response.

01-Mar-2016 – still bleeding regular clotting but being passed – we shall see!

01-Mar-2016 – 20:00hrs. emergency admission SAU Gwent with clotting.

The clotting in the bladder builds up and blocks the ureter preventing urine passing – with the best will in the world it can only be described as extreme pain!

Fortunately not only are SAU used to me but over the years I have got to know many of the nurses so they take my word for things and are as rapid as could be reasonably expected and a senior nurse is now authorised to insert a catheter – however it is far from comfortable which is exacerbated by any infection

The nurses are only authorised to insert upto an 18 catheter which inevitably means when a Registrar is available that catheter is removed and a 3 way 22 or 24 is inserted! This process should not be unduely painful as it is roughly the same size as a flexi, which really doesn’t hurt BUT due to the blockage, any infection insertion of the 18 and its removal inserting the 3 way can prove very painfull, however carefull the Registrar is!

So once the 3 way is in position it is time to start irrigation – the 3 ways are:
1. a tube to a ‘bulb/balloon’ which is filled with between 10cc & 20cc of fluid to prevent the catheter being pulled out!
2. a tube to drain the fluids from the bladder to the cathetar bag
3. a tube which is connected to the fluid on the stand which is run into the bladder to irrigate and hopefully wash out the blood before it forms consequential clots that may block the cathetar.

Finally after a few blocks of the cathetar, which have to be cleared by either a senior nurse or a junior doctor, by back washing with a large syringe full of fluid being pushed in and drawn off a number of times to clear newly formed clots – the bleeding started to diminish.

I was visited by my Consultant Adam Carter on Thursday morning who said that if I TWOCed Ok (Trial Without Cathetar) I could go home, with the normal admonishments to drink plenty and keep an eye on any new bleeding that might occur – Finally I left at 17:30hrs. although I wasn’t really passing adequate urine. Fortunately for me Gerald was in the hospital visiting his wife and gave me a lift home, Nikkie, a nurse on the stroke ward who is a friend I have known for years, had offered me a lift when her shift ended at 19:30hrs. if I still needed to get home.



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