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I was reading around the subject recently when I found this, I do not claim it is accurate on all counts but it did resonate with much other reading I have done and struck a chord based on what I consider to be fundamental common sense.

You must draw your own conclusions and also I would appreciate your views in the comments section, if you have time:

5 Signs You Will Get Cancer
And 7 Healthy Living Tips!

“You have cancer” is something you NEVER want to hear from your doctor . . . because it means a world of suffering, and, for too many, death.

But here’s SHOCKING news — most people have cancer in their bodies right now and don’t even know it!

That’s because a healthy body and a strong immune system destroy emerging cancer cells before they can create the life-threatening disease . . .

But some people are not so lucky.Dr. David Brownstein

Sadly, over 5,000 people in North America are diagnosed with cancer every single day — almost 2 million per year!

And that’s why we’re thrilled at Newsmax Health today to bring you an extraordinary presentation — How to Prevent Cancer — by America’s foremost holistic health practitioner, Dr. David Brownstein.

In the next few moments, Dr. Brownstein will reveal five warning signs that you are at risk for cancer. You’ll be surprised at just how common these are.

Prevention is more important than ever before because, as Dr. Brownstein will tell you . . .

Contrary to cancer industry propaganda, we are NOT winning the war on cancer. Conventional cancer treatments are failing. And overall death rates for cancer are unchanged in 80 years!

Dr. Brownstein is the medical director of the Holistic Center for Medicine in West Bloomfield, Mich.

He’s the author of 10 best-selling health books, and he’s the nationally known editor of Newsmax’s very popular Natural Way to Health.

Let’s go to Dr. David Brownstein now. His valuable guidance on preventing cancer can literally save your life, and the lives of those you love!

How to Prevent Cancer
By Dr. David Brownstein

Dr. David BrownsteinHello, I’m Dr. David Brownstein.

My goal is to empower you to take charge of your health, and not become a cancer victim because of a lack of this basic cancer-prevention knowledge.

Why listen to me on this subject?

I’m a U.S.-trained medical doctor with a private practice in West Bloomfield, Mich. I have had tremendous success restoring the health of patients who have come to me after conventional medicine has failed them.

And what’s particularly interesting about that is . . .

  • Routinely, I find my new patients have key nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, usually as a result of eating the Standard American Diet. I refer to it as the SAD diet. This diet can predispose you to many nutrient and hormonal imbalances and leads to a devitalized body.
  • I find they have been exposed to an overload of environmental toxins in food, water, air, and consumer products, and these exposures are suppressing and disrupting their immune systems.

What’s more . . .

  • Their bodies have been damaged by harmful and unnecessary drugs.
  • And finally, they’ve been misinformed by the government, the media, and most egregiously, by a medical establishment controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

The human body is a wonderful machine, but all of its millions of cells must function together harmoniously, and not be inhibited, harmed, or thrown into chaos. If they are, it sets the stage for chronic illnesses such as cancer to develop.

You see, in order to significantly lower your risk of getting cancer, it is important to have your immune system function at optimal levels. That’s what I’m going to show you today.

How to Prevent CancerAnd don’t worry about taking notes because, just ahead, I’ll show you a special offer to get a FREE copy of my report, How to Prevent Cancer, whichincludes everything we’re discussing today and much more.

Let’s begin with some facts the “Cancer Industrial Medical Complex” doesn’t want you to know . . .

In North America, it is projected that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In fact, we expect to see 1,825,400 new cases of cancer this year, and, sadly, a large percentage of these people will die from it.

Each year, I receive the annual report from CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, a summary of cancer statistics in the United States dating back to 1930.

The most shocking chart shows the annual age-adjusted cancer death rates among men and women, and the sad truth is . . .

Cancer death rates are mostly
unchanged in 80 years!

Surprised? Most people are. All the drug industry propaganda claims that we’re making real progress in the war against cancer. But look at the facts . . .

For males, since 1930, the only bright spot has been the decline in deaths for stomach cancer. The death rate for colon cancer is unchanged . . . for prostate cancer it’s increased . . . and for lung cancer it’s significantly increased.

For women, while the death rates for colon, uterine, and stomach cancer have declined slightly, the rates are essentially unchanged for breast cancer, and they’ve dramatically increased for lung and ovarian cancers.

For both men and women, the rates for thyroid cancer are rising at epidemic rates.

Also consider that, right now, nearly one in seven women is expected to get breast cancer and one in three men is expected to get prostate cancer. And, as I previously stated, worst of all . . .

One in three among the entire population is expected to get some kind of cancer during his or her lifetime.

That’s a frightening report with bad odds.

Meanwhile . . .

Conventional medicine would have you believe that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are effective treatments for cancer. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The “Cancer Industrial Medical Complex” has wasted 80 years and an untold fortune on research aimed at killing cancer once it has been detected. But once cancer is detected, it is often too late for many patients.

Meanwhile, almost no money has been spent on research for cancer prevention, or even searching for the underlying causes of cancer.

And I can assure you doctors are not taught anything about this in medical school.

Just ahead, I’ll show you How to Prevent Cancer, which is now more important than ever before, considering conventional cancer treatments are failing and the death rates continue unabated . . .

There is one aspect of the “cancer treatment story” that is an unqualified success — and that’s the cancer industry’s billion-dollar profits.

Keep in mind that chemo drugs can cost $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000 a month. The treatment costs for just the top six cancers have topped $56 billion annually, and total cancer care now exceeds $110 billion annually.

Regardless of how you view that, a very serious problem with cancer drugs has come to light . . .

A recent study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle startled its researchers when . . .

They discovered that chemotherapy causes healthy cells to “secrete a protein that sustains cancer tumor growth” and creates resistance to further treatment.

This explains why chemotherapy initially appears successful, only to prove ineffective when the cancer returns, often with a vengeance.

Likewise, surgery and radiation might remove or kill some cancer cells, but it’s impossible to get them all, and the remaining cells are left to multiply and spread.

Let me be blunt about this . . .

Cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemotherapy. There are underlying causes that are NOT being addressed by conventional medicine.

And that’s why in the next few minutes, and in even greater detail in my special report, How to Prevent Cancer, I’m going to show you . . .

  1. How to avoid the things that are known to cause cancer.
  2. How to make it difficult for cancer to get started and grow.
  3. How to help your body naturally kill cancer cells.

How to Prevent Cancer

Although we’re not sure exactly why, we know the cancer process: An abnormal group of cells fail to complete their normal life cycle and die on schedule. Instead, they live on, multiply and spread.

And this is very important to understand — a healthy cell has a predetermined life cycle. It divides several times and then dies. Cell death is called apoptosis. Healthy cells eventually experience apoptosis and are replaced by new cells. That’s normal.

Cancer is an abnormal cell that keeps dividing, skipping the necessary step of apoptosis. And as it multiplies, it forms a tumor, and then parts of it break off and spread and metastasize throughout the body.

Cancer patients die by starvation when there is too much cancer in the body and it consumes all of the body’s fuel.

The only difference between a healthy person who never gets a cancer diagnosis and a sick person who does . . . is that the former has a healthy body and strong immune system, while the latter does not.

Do you know how strong your immune system is? Is it strong enough to ward off cancer?

With this in mind, the goal for any cancer prevention or treatment program is to avoid those things known to cause cancer, and to create the healthiest possible body with an optimally functioning immune system.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

With one in three people expected to get some kind of cancer in their lifetime, heeding my advice could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are the five signs you’re likely to be diagnosed with cancer in your lifetime . . .

Your body, and in particular your immune system, cannot function at optimal levels if . . .

  1. You are deficient or imbalanced in key nutrients and hormones.
  2. You are overweight or obese.
  3. You smoke or chew tobacco.
  4. You eat too many refined sugars and grains.
  5. You’re ingesting toxins in your food, water, air, and medicines.

OK, I know that sounds a little broad, but I’m going to be more specific as we go through my seven smart steps to prevent cancer.

And as we proceed, remember you don’t have to take notes, because I’m going to give you a special offer to get a FREE copy of my fully detailed report, How to Prevent Cancer, which includes everything we’re discussing today and much more.

I also have some additional and very valuable cancer-prevention reports for you that discuss key areas in more detail. And these, too, are FREE with the special offer, but more on that in a moment.

But . . .

Let’s first see how to prevent cancer . . .

#1: Don’t Smoke

Smoking is the #1 cause of death by lung cancer among both men and women.

Smoking also contributes to many other health problems, including heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, cataracts, premature births, low birth weight, hip fractures, numerous lung ailments, and throat and stomach cancer.

Cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic chemicals, including arsenic, benzene, cadmium, polonium-210, vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, and other toxins.

If you currently smoke, quit now. And if you know you’ll have a hard time, see your doctor for medical help.

The evidence is clear: If you’re smoking, you’re literally asking to get cancer. And the survival rate for lung cancer is very low.

#2: Maintain Adequate Iodine Levels

I’m sure this next one, which falls under the category of “nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances,” is a complete unknown to you, but it’s critically important . . .

We have an epidemic of “iodine deficiency” in this country, and I believe it’s a major contributor to the increasing rates of cancer of the thyroid, breast, and prostate.

Iodine is essential to every cell in your body, but it’s especially important to your thyroid gland, which makes the hormone that regulates your entire body’s metabolism.

Iodine is also essential for healthy breast and prostate tissues, which require more iodine than other body tissues except your thyroid gland.

Now consider this: Very early in the 20th century, we saw an epidemic of goiter in this country. In simple terms, goiter is a swollen thyroid gland.

It can cause difficulty swallowing. And worse, it results in reduced thyroid hormone, a slower metabolism, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and, if left unchecked, can become cancerous.

Obesity, which is just 20% over your ideal body weight, also puts you at greater risk for cancer. And this is just one result of a goiter-hampered thyroid gland.

If your ideal slim weight is 163 pounds, you’re obese and at risk for cancer if you weigh 195 pounds.

In a five-year study almost 90 years ago, an Ohio physician, Dr. David Marine, was able to prove that the epidemic of goiter was caused by an iodine deficiency.

Go to your local supermarket and you’ll see the dark blue canister of iodized salt. In fact, it’s probably in your cupboard.

But my research has shown that the amount of iodine in iodized salt is insufficient.

What’s more, in the 1970s, the baking industry replaced the iodine in bread with a cheaper substitute, bromine.

And, today, the vast majority of breads, pastas, and baked goods are made with brominated flour.

In a long list of dumb moves, replacing iodine with bromine was possibly the dumbest move ever made by food manufacturers because it has caused the epidemic of iodine deficiency that we are currently experiencing.

The problem is that bromine binds to iodine receptors in your body, which inhibits the absorption of iodine, and that’s a recipe for a health disaster.

Already our agricultural soils are deficient in iodine, so the crops they produce are iodine deficient.

Making matters worse, the FDA has set the RDA for iodine at least 100 times too low, which means you can’t get enough iodine in your diet, or from iodized salt or a multivitamin.

This iodine deficiency epidemic we are experiencing is causing serious problems with our thyroid and prostate glands and also is leading to diseased breast tissue.

This is why we have a 30-fold increase in fibrocystic breast disease (lumpy tissue), which is often a precursor to breast cancer.

And bromine is now ubiquitous in our modern world:

It’s used in medicines, as a disinfectant for swimming pools and spas, and in hundreds of consumer products, including the interior parts of automobiles. Buy a new car today and you’ll immediately be exposed to a large amount of bromine.

Sadly, conventionally trained doctors are completely unaware of this deficiency, even as more and more people develop thyroid, breast, and prostate cancer.

And remember, once a patient is referred to an oncologist and they enter the “Cancer Industrial Medical Complex,” they will receive ineffective treatment programs which rely on:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy

No conventional doctor will prescribe iodine, unless it’s radioactive iodine designed to kill a thyroid tumor, and that is a harmful treatment.

The simple and effective solution is supplementing with inorganic, non-radioactive iodine, which costs just a few pennies a day.

How does inorganic, non-radioactive iodine prevent cancer?

It promotes apoptosis, or cell death.

And when it comes to cancer, apoptosis is the difference between good health and a potentially fatal cancer diagnosis.

Now, are you ready for the SHOCKER?

I always test for iodine levels, and I’ve found more than 95% of my patients are deficient.

I suspect the same deficiency exists throughout the entire population, and it’s a major contributor to cancer.

For this reason, I want you to have a FREE copy of my special report:

In these reports, you’ll discover why iodine is so important, and what types of iodine and dosages I recommend to my patients to promote good health and cancer-cell apoptosis.

And here’s good news . . .

Both of these reports are yours FREE today, just for trying a no-risk subscription to my monthly health advisory:

. . . at less than 15 cents a day.

Yes, you heard me right:

Less than 15 cents a day!

And each month in Natural Way to
. . .

  • I offer safe and effective natural alternatives to harmful drugs.
  • I show you how to avoid — and cleanse your body of — disease-causing toxins in our foods and environment.
  • I provide guidance on nutrition, supplements, and bioidentical hormones to achieve good health and an optimally functioning immune system.

Plus . . .

  • I sort out medical misinformation in the media and alert you to the false propaganda promoted by the drug industry.
  • And answer readers’ questions on major health topics.

I’ll tell you more about this special offer in a moment — because it also includes some additional valuable reports — but let’s first get back to cancer prevention.

#3: Avoid Synthetic Chemicals
and GMOs in Your Food

This one seems obvious.

Nobody would ask for synthetic chemicals in their food, and yet hundreds of millions of people are getting them without even knowing it.

That’s because conventionally raised animals are fed diets that contain synthetic hormones, antibiotics to speed growth, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food sources that may cause cancer.

And the food products that reach your table still have these dangerous chemicals in them.

They’re in dairy products, beef, chicken, pork, and farm-raised fish. On the other hand, organically grown animals are free of these chemicals, such as beef from cattle that graze on natural grass.

Many people mistakenly think that eating red meat can cause heart disease and cancer, but the problem isn’t the red meat, but rather the chemicals in it.

If you buy organically grown beef, free of hormones and antibiotics, it’s a healthy source of protein, as long as it’s part of a balanced diet that also includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There’s another problem with our common diet . . .

The vast majority of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables sold in grocery stores are sprayed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

And while that ensures a bigger crop for growers, it means more cancer, since these chemicals are known carcinogens.

Here again, the solution is simple: Eat certified organic fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

There’s more to know about the foods you eat . . .

Harmful, cancer-producing chemicals are found in all of the name-brand artificial sweeteners, including aspartame.

One popular brand contains chlorine atoms.

Chlorine is in the same family as bromine, and it will inhibit iodine absorption.

As you’ve just learned, you need iodine, not only for overall good health, but for cancer-cell apoptosis.

Eat products made with these chemicals, and your immune system may have trouble killing cancer cells.

What’s more, two of the biggest artificial sweeteners, ones that have been around for decades, have been shown to create cancer in laboratory animals.

Aspartame, in particular, is suspected of causing brain cancer. And it’s the most common artificial sweetener in diet sodas, sugar-free ice creams, and hundreds of diet products that claim reduced calories.

Ironically, these chemically sweetened diet foods do very little to help people lose weight, and when you trade reduced calories for cancer, you’ve made a very bad bargain.

What’s the solution here?

Instead of using artificial sweeteners, or products made with them, use pure organic stevia (without any additives), organic coconut crystals, or natural, raw honey.

These will not harm your body.

Keep in mind that raw honey should not be given to children 1 year of age and younger.

OK, but how do you put all this together?

It might seem intimidating and require that you make big changes in your diet.

But not really . . .

Just ahead, I’ll show you a special subscription offer to Natural Way to Health that also includes a FREE copy of my book:

This is NOT a diet book. It won’t tell you how much of this or that to eat, or when to eat it. It’s not restrictive.

Instead, it breaks down foods into their basic categories:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats and oils
  • Salts

. . . and then tells you which ones are good and which ones are bad.

Once you have The Guide to Healthy Eating, YOU’LL CHOOSE the good foods that appeal to you and eat to your heart’s content.

And your heart will be content, because it’ll be a healthy heart.

One of great things about giving your body the good foods it wants — while avoiding the bad foods that cause harm — is that . . .

  1. You will enjoy more energy.
  2. You will shed extra pounds.
  3. You will no longer have digestive problems.
  4. You will minimize your risk of developing a degenerative disease such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

My book also provides suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and includes numerous recipes.

See ahead for how to get your FREE copy, along with FREE copies of:

Let’s learn more about preventing cancer . . .

#4: Avoid Refined Sugars,
Salts, Flours, and Oils

Refined foods are foods that have been processed during manufacturing.

Typically, the nutrients have been stripped out, while harmful sugars, oils, grains, and salts have been left in, or put in.

This is done for cost efficiency and for longer shelf life, but these foods are essentially “devitalized.”

If you eat these devitalized foods, over time you’ll get a devitalized body.

And then your immune system won’t work as it should.

And that’s exactly how you allow cancer to get a foothold.

Remember, I always test my new patients for vitamins, minerals, and hormones, and I have found the vast majority to have deficiencies and imbalances.

Obviously, this is a common problem with the American diet, so let me give you some examples of specific foods to avoid . . .

Avoid refined white table sugar, as cancer loves refined sugar.

It’s literally the fuel cancer needs to grow. What’s more, refined sugar has been shown to suppress the immune system for up to five hours.

Think about that . . .

If you snack on candy or soft drinks every few hours, and then finish your dinner with cake, pie, or ice cream, you are literally suppressing your immune system near continuously, and that may be an open-door invitation to cancer and other chronic illnesses.

When people are diagnosed with cancer, they are always shocked, but they never consider that too much sugar in their diet might be the culprit.

Likewise, their oncologists never say, “Stop eating sugar immediately.” Instead, they say, “You will have surgery, and then chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Don’t wait for that to happen: Eliminate refined sugars from your diet now!

The natural sugars in fresh fruits are fine, but not the sugar added to bottled fruit juices, canned fruit, and fruit-flavored yogurts.

If you like yogurt, eat plain organic yogurt and add your own fresh fruit, and if you need to sweeten it, add a little stevia or raw honey.

Next, avoid refined flours, oils, and salts, all of which are unhealthy and put you at greater risk for cancer, as well as for arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.

Refined flours, grains and carbohydrate foods include:

  • white bread
  • white pasta
  • white rice
  • white potatoes
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • chips
  • almost all processed foods in boxes, bags, and cans

All of these foods convert to sugar in your body, and again, cancer loves sugar.

Sugar-coated cereals are bad for you and your children.

Even unsweetened cereals made with refined grains are unhealthy. Again, these are refined carbohydrates that convert to sugar in your body.

How much sugar are you consuming without even knowing it?

The Guide to Healthy EatingNow’s the time to find out, then dramatically reduce it, before you get a cancer diagnosis. For healthy food choices, see my book, The Guide to Healthy Eating, which will not only reduce refined sugars in your diet, but also move you toward a healthy body pH that is neither too alkaline nor too acidic.

This is important because cancer loves an acidic body pH.

Let me give you a few good choices right now — you can eat oatmeal, nuts, and all products made with organic whole grain flours that have not been bromated. You can eat yams, which are orange on the inside, but not white potatoes.

You can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables you want, but choose organic produce, as these will not have harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers in them.

Next, it’s very important to avoid refined and processed oils.

Bad fats and oils include:

  • Margarine
  • Canola
  • Corn
  • Cottonseed
  • Soybean oils
  • Any product whose label includes the words “partially hydrogenated

All of these have been shown to suppress the immune system over time by producing toxic trans fatty acids.

They also lead to weight gain and heart disease.

Healthy oils include:

  • Organic butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil

Organic butter is a healthy fat that will not hurt you. Coconut oil is one of nature’s “perfect foods” with great nutritional and healing powers. And olive oil has long been part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The above three healthy oils should serve all of your needs, but if you’d like other oils for frying or baking, see my book, The Guide to Healthy Eating, for a couple of safe alternatives.

Next, avoid common white table salt, which has been refined. It has been processed and bleached and is devoid of all nutrients. Instead, use organic, unrefined sea salt, which is natural and contains nutritious minerals. And unlike bleached table salt, unrefined sea salt tastes better and is a healthy food, even for people with high blood pressure. I recommend one half to one teaspoon daily for almost everyone.

What’s more, eating organic sea salt daily will also help you achieve an ideal anti-cancer body pH of 7.4.

Now, all of this might sound a little difficult, but it’s not.

You’re simply replacing bad foods with good foods, and you’ll make the choices you want.

You’ll find that the good foods are more delicious, give you more energy, don’t cause digestive problems, and will naturally reduce your weight.

5 Common Foods That Damage Your HealthAnd speaking of bad foods, one more cancer-prevention FREE report I want you to have is: 5 Common Foods That Damage Your Health.

In this report, you’ll discover the very real dangers of soybean foods, artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrate foods, and two other common foods that put you at a higher risk for cancer (they’re probably in your refrigerator right now).

Soybean foods have been promoted as healthy, but that’s flat-out wrong.

There is only one form of soy that won’t do harm, and that’s fermented soy. This is found in miso and tempeh. Every other non-fermented soybean food, including edamame and soy milk, is unhealthy and harmful to your body.

Why have we been misled on this?

Because soybeans are among the most profitable crops in the United States.

They are extremely cheap to grow and food manufacturers use soy as a filler in many processed foods.

Approximately 50% of all packaged foods in the grocery store contain some form of non-fermented soy that is harmful to you.

You can thank Washington food manufacturing lobbyists for enshrining this misinformation in the FDA food pyramid.

And that’s one of the most important reasons to read my Natural Way to Health each month — I will tell you when the government, the food industry, and the drug industry are misleading you.

Now, you may scroll down to the special offers to receive Natural Way to Health, and FREE copies of my reports — How to Prevent Cancer, Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient, 5 Common Foods That Damage Your Health . . .

The Guide to Healthy EatingPLUS . . .

My book The Guide to Healthy Eating . . .

And also one more report I want you to have — Bioidentical Hormones Can Save Your Life.

To achieve your best health with an optimally functioning immune system, you must have sufficient and balanced hormones.

I’ll tell you what you need to know on the subject, how to get tested, and the cancer risks of synthetic hormones.

Now, let’s get back to our seven smart steps for cancer prevention . . .

#5. Avoid and Remove Toxic
Metals From Your Body

In addition to testing my patients for iodine, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies, and imbalanced hormones, I also test for heavy metals, which include:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Arsenic
  • Nickel

All of these heavy metals will suppress your immune system, and a compromised immune system cannot protect you from cancer.

Over 20 years, I have tested tens of thousands of my patients for these heavy metals and have found that fully 70% have toxic levels — with mercury, one of the most poisonous substances known to man, being the biggest problem.

Most of my patients don’t have a clue where they picked up these harmful metals, but I can tell you they are in dental materials as well as the air, water, medicines, and food sprayed with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Do you have high levels of these toxic metals in your body that are, right now, suppressing your immune system and putting you at risk for cancer?

You’d better find out, before you’re shocked with a cancer diagnosis!

Mercury, the worst of all, is prevalent in:

  • Albacore tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Shark
  • Mackerel
  • Shellfish

It’s also used in vaccinations, as well as in silver amalgam dental fillings.

If you eat these types of fish, get annual vaccinations, or have had silver amalgam dental fillings at any time during your life, you are almost certain to have elevated levels of mercury in your system.

When you take advantage of my special offer, you’ll learn how to get tested for toxic metals. But here are some obvious signs . . .

A suppressed immune system will cause:

  • Fatigue
  • More frequent colds and flus
  • Allergies
  • Rashes
  • Infections

Worse, it can cause:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Liver damage
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

How to Stop Environmental Toxins From Poisoning YouUnfortunately, conventional doctors will NOT test you for heavy metals. And once these metals are in your body, they can only be removed by chelation therapy or chelating nutritional supplements.

In my own practice, I have seen dramatic health improvements in patients who have had these heavy metals removed.

Not only do my patients get sick far less often, but they have a lot more energy and feel years younger.

There is some truth to the old saying, “Get the lead out!”

For more details, see my special report, How to Prevent Cancer.

But I also want you to have a FREE copy of my report, How to Stop Environmental Toxins From Poisoning You.

In this report, I’ll show you how to avoid toxic metals in the first place, how to get tested for them, and how to get them out of your body.

By the way, if you don’t have access to a holistic doctor who can provide IV chelation therapy to remove heavy metals . . .

. . . you can do this with specific supplements. I’ll tell you which ones to use, and the dosages I recommend to my patients.

Remember, 70% of my patients have tested high for toxic levels of heavy metals. If you’re serious about getting well, staying well, and preventing cancer, you must get these heavy metals out of your body.

Of course, these are the kinds of valuable things I discuss in Natural Way to Health each month.

In fact, before we return to cancer prevention, let me take just half a minute to tell you about some recent past issues — out of 54 total in the archives — all of which you can access as a new subscriber.

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See the simple natural solution to prevent heart disease that was proven 60 years ago but was suppressed by the drug industry. Statin drugs won’t stop heart disease, but they will harm your heart, your muscles, your sex life, and also cause fatigue and brain fog.

The Secrets to Fighting Arthritis.

Virtually all of the arthritis drugs are ineffective and harmful. Some forms of arthritis are caused by a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics. All others are caused by refined sugars and inflammation-causing ingredients in processed foods. See the smart, drug-free way to beat arthritis!

The Natural Way to Beat Depression.

Big Pharma propaganda would have you believe that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance that can be corrected with antidepressant drugs. FALSE! The correct way to beat depression is to clean up your diet of toxic foods, balance your hormones, get exercise, and take specific supplements that naturally bring about a happy state of mind.

These are just a few of the 54 past issues in our archives that you can access, when you try a risk-free subscription to Natural Way to Health for less than 15 cents a day.

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page to take advantage of our special offers that start your subscription and give you FREE copies of my cancer-prevention reports and The Guide to Healthy Eating. Now, let’s finish up with the last two prevention steps . . .

#6. Avoid Radiation Exposure

All medical radiological tests use ionizing radiation. And ionizing radiation is a known carcinogen that can damage cell DNA and lead to abnormal cells that turn into cancer.

These include traditional X-rays, dental X-rays, and mammograms. But the worst of the bunch are the PET (positron emission technology) scan, and the CT (computerized tomography) scan.

PET and CT scans expose the body to much larger amounts of radiation. CT scans, in particular, produce 50 to 100 times the radiation of a traditional chest X-ray.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of CT scans ordered in the last decade — over 60 million of them — and the New England Journal of Medicine says at least one-third are unnecessary. I suspect two-thirds are unnecessary.

Remember, the radiation from these tests is cumulative. The damage builds up over time.

Consider this . . .

A recent mega-study on mammograms concluded that 3,243 women, ages 40 to 59, would have to be tested annually for 10 years, just to save two lives.

Yes, just two lives, for 10 years of testing on thousands of women that adds cancer risk.

That’s because . . .

Ten years’ worth of annual mammograms produces a cumulative effect of 10 rads of absorbed radiation, or about the same amount Japanese women received just one mile from the atomic bomb sites during WWII. That correlates to a 10% increased risk of breast cancer!

That’s not something you want, especially when there is a much better alternative . . .

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In these important issues, you’ll discover what’s wrong with conventional cancer screening tests and get safer and more accurate alternatives. In particular, I’ll show you a much better screening test for breast cancer that my wife uses.

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And all of this is yours for less than 15 cents a day! But first, let’s take a quick look at the seventh smart step for cancer prevention.

#7. Test for Vitamin and
Mineral Deficiencies

By now, you know I test all of my patients for several things that conventional doctors DO NOT test for, and there’s a reason for that.

Because our medical schools have long been controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, conventional medical doctors are taught to diagnose pathologies and to prescribe specific drugs to treat those ailments.

There is no emphasis on prevention or wellness, and no attempt at cures.

It’s all about administering drugs for treatment of illness and disease, and that’s because that’s where the profits are.

But in recent times, some doctors have seen the failures of conventional drug-based medicine and have decided to take an entirely different approach . . .

These are the holistic doctors who put the emphasis on prevention and wellness, as well as on natural therapies to restore good health.

This idea is not revolutionary but simple common sense.

Avoid those things that are known to cause harm, and give your body what it needs for optimal health.

Let me show you what I’ve learned after testing thousands of my patients . . .

These are the top 10 vitamin and mineral deficiencies I’ve found in the majority of my patients.

I’m certain these deficiencies extend to the larger North American population . . .

  1. Iodine
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Magnesium
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Vitamin B1 (thiamine)And also . . .
  6. Vitamin D
  7. Sulfur
  8. Zinc
  9. Chromium
  10. Potassium

You already know about iodine deficiency and how it may lead to cancer. But take the second item, vitamin B12, for example.

Because of the typical American diet that creates heartburn and acid reflux, there is a huge business in antacids, including both over-the-counter antacids and prescription proton-pump inhibitors, which claim “just one pill a day.”

But these antacid drugs inhibit the absorption of vitamin B12, which is essential to digestion, energy production, mental function, and the proper functioning of your immune system.

With tens of millions of North Americans taking antacids daily, they are walking around with a vitamin B12 deficiency that’s compromising their immune systems, robbing them of energy and making them more vulnerable to cancer.

Do you take antacids daily?

When you read Natural Way to Health, you’ll find effective natural solutions that make them completely unnecessary.

You should know that conventional doctors do not study nutrition in medical school, and therefore don’t have a clue what the optimal levels of vitamin and minerals should be.

And then, the government’s RDA for some of the most important nutrients is set 5, 10, 20, and even 100 times too low.

You simply cannot achieve good health, stay healthy, and avoid disease, if you have nutrient deficiencies.

For these reasons, you’ll need to find a holistic doctor to run the tests we’ve been discussing today.

And if you don’t have a holistic doctor nearby, you can discuss with your doctor what you learn in Natural Way to Health each month.

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Finally, in the How to Prevent Cancer report, I’m going to tell you about the importance of regular exercise, reducing stress, and getting adequate sleep. In other words, you’re going to get ALL of the tools you need to prevent, and even reverse, cancer!

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