A Mixed Week!

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it has been a mixed week, to say the least, it started last Saturday with a longish conversation with Brian (a cousin) who is a bit older than I, but only a bit as he was 70 earlier this year.Brian has been having problems with an enlarged prostate for several years and despite medication has found sleeping through the night without visits to the toilet a distant dream from the past!

Now the problem has become worse and he is on anti biotics AND a full time catheter for a while.

I suggested he stamp-ed his foot and made sure his doctor got him an appointment with the Urology department at Southmead to have a flexi at the very least – which I’m pleased to say he did on Monday.

Then Tuesday came around and Lee and I picked up Brian & his wife and went to a family funeral on the edge of Bristol of a very elderly relative who although 98 lived on her own until she decided it was time to go into a residential home at the end of January!Then on Friday I had some very good news as Chris, a very good friend had the results of his bladder biopsy and they were negative for cancer.

I spoke to Robin this week and despite his protracted prostate problems and radical prostectomy he seems clear still and over imbued with energy though he is having some pancreatic problems and has lost almost 3 stone, they have assured him it isn’t a return of cancer.

I’m glad to say that I’m scheduled for a flexi on the 7th. November! as since yesterday I have had increasing signs of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and slight haematuria ( blood in the urine) It always worries one but in my case they have done so many operations, procedures and treatments by bladder is particularly fragile so I hope it is not a sign of other problems.

Best phone the doctor and pop in tomorrow to get some anti biotics!

It does get a bit wearing always wondering ‘what this time’!

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