NHS Loses 18,000 Cancer Patients Records A Year!

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this leads me to believe that The NHS has a damned site too many managers relative to the medical staff and number of patients.

I have a clear experience of this, both in my case and that of my wife!

Just a few days ago I had an appointment with Philip Campbell, my Cardiac consultant, and he apologised for the failure to have seen me sooner and only had the on screen notes to work from as my records have been lost – fortunately this does not include my cancer files and is merely from the cardiac unit.

So it seems it is not only cancer notes that are being lost!


18,000 Patient Files Lost Each Year

The loss of files could impact on treatment, says charity Macmillan Cancer Support, which commissioned research into patient care.

Nurse Treats Patient On Hospital Ward

The YouGov survey polled 2,217 adults living with cancer

Around 18,000 cancer patients have their medical files lost every year in hospitals, while more suffer humiliation at the hands of nurses, according to a charity.

A poll for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support also revealed one in seven (14%) who requested help to go to the toilet said they were forced to wait at least 30 minutes for assistance.

Around 1% said they had been left for at least two hours, while some 12% of patients said they had a toilet accident while waiting for help.

The YouGov survey of 2,217 adults living with cancer also found  that 11% of patients admitted to English hospitals every year have their medical file lost by a doctor or nurse.

The charity estimates around 18,000 of the 170,000 admitted to hospital have their file lost, which could impact on treatment.

More than one in five (21%) of those surveyed said had felt patronised by hospital staff, while 15% of patients said they had felt humiliated by the nurses treating them at some point.

NHS England has been urged not to scrap a cancer patient experience survey

The poll also found that one in 10 patients staying overnight in hospital was examined on an open ward or with the curtain round their bed partly open.

Mike Hobday, director of policy and research at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “The lack of basic care, dignity and respect experienced by cancer patients in hospital is shocking.

“Giving patients a positive experience when they’re in hospital is as important as good medical care but sadly there’s still a culture in some hospitals where hitting targets is put before the compassionate care of patients.”

Mr Hobday called on NHS England not to scrap the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which is under review.

“The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey has been hugely effective as a warning system for hospitals to improve their care. It is vital that it continues. Not only is it an essential way to drive improvements in cancer care, but it also provides a voice for thousands of cancer patients.”

Jane Cummings, NHS England’s chief nursing officer, said: “I am committed to taking action to make sure that all patients receive the highest standard of care and that they are always treated with compassion and dignity.

“Our Compassion in Practice strategy sets out exactly how we can deliver the ‘6Cs’ – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. These are the core elements of our vision.”

She said compassion “comes naturally to the overwhelming majority of staff” but added: “Sadly some people do not have the capacity to be compassionate and caring despite training and support. They have no place in the NHS.

“We only want staff who come to work to make a difference for their patients and are prepared to take personal responsibility for individuals in their care.”

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