Sir Michael Parkinson being treated for Prostate Cancer

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regular chec ks can save your life and ignoring symptoms is plain stupid and not one iota macho or clever!

Good luck to Sir Michael Parkinson and as many of us know radio therapy can work wonders if started in time.

Michael Parkinson: Chat Show Host Has Cancer

Sir Michael Parkinson, 78, who is undergoing radiotherapy, admitted it was a “great shock” to learn he has prostate cancer.

Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael wants to help raise awareness of the disease

Chat show host Sir Michael Parkinson has revealed he is being treated for prostate cancer but has no intention of stopping working.

The television star, 78, is currently undergoing radiotherapy but is expected to make a full recovery.

Sir Michael, who was diagnosed in May after a routine medical last October, said he was confident of fighting the disease.

He said: “It was a great shock, but I have been told to expect to make a full recovery.”

He told The Sun On Sunday: “Of course mortality is on the mind. But I’m not afraid.

“My wife Mary has been a tremendous support and while she has been, of course, very upset, she can see how I have approached this.

“Once she realised I wouldn’t let it affect me, Mary was fine.

“I don’t feel ill. And I will keep working. I have no intention of stopping working.”

The presenter, affectionately known as “Parky” to his legion of fans, has been having five sessions of radiotherapy a week.

He is also backing a campaign to help raise awareness of the disease.

Sir Michael said: “All that concerns me now is for men around the country to stop and take notice of any symptoms that might save their lives.

“I’m not a softy. If you show the symptoms of this dreadful disease, get help. Men need to get themselves checked. It will save lives.”

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