Bladder Cancer Awareness month is July

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July is Bladder Cancer Awareness month, therefore I wanted to take a few moments to help spread awareness about this disease AND to let you know how you can spread awareness too – thus potentially saving lives (even your own!).

Since bladder cancer isn’t as common of an illness as, say, lung cancer, breast cancer or even melanoma, many people might not know the basics about the disease. Here are a few facts:

  • Bladder cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. It’s the 4th most common among men and 11th most common among women.
  • Over 72,000 people were diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2013 alone, and about 15,000 people died from the disease.
  • There are now more than 520,000 bladder cancer survivors in the United States!
  • Just like most other forms of cancer, early detection is absolutely critical to surviving bladder cancer.
  • Blood in the urine is the most common symptom of bladder cancer.
  • Men are diagnosed with bladder cancer more frequently, but women are more likely to present at a more advanced stage and have a worse prognosis at nearly every stage of the disease.
  • Smoking is the greatest risk factor for bladder cancer. Smokers get bladder cancer twice as often as people who don’t smoke.

These facts shed some light on the fact that while bladder cancer isn’t as commonly known as some other forms of cancer, it is common and early detection is critical.

This is why it’s so important to spread awareness about causes like this.

The more alert and aware that people are about the risks factors and facts surrounding a disease, the easier it is for them to potentially detect it early, get treated, and become a survivor.

It easy to spread awareness by providing a number of bladder cancer awareness links in your blogs or tagging the URL of this blog to your eMails on a regular basis – we are here to help victims of the pernicious disease cancer, concentrating on urinary tracty cancers but not exclusively urology.

Please help by spreading the word and help to save lives or in some cases help awareness amongst patients, carers and families of treatments, symptoms and outcomes helping those who may not have been diagnosed in time understand the problems!.

 Please Be Sure To
& Link to my My Blogs
To Spread The Facts World Wide To Give Others HOPE
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