Mesothelioma & Asbestos Related Cancers

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an interesting letter from a cancer organisation in America, which specialises in helping those with Mesothelioma and asbestos related cancers – the site may well be of help to our readers all around the world and with help from Google, or a similar search engine, you may well find the information you need yourself.

Asbestos lungs
Asbestos lungs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Greg,

My name is Jasmine McCarthy and I am the National Awareness Coordinator

for the Mesothelioma Center (  While I was browsing through

a number of health and cancer sites, I came across your website and was very

impressed by the information and resources listed.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects areas surrounding the lungs,

heart, and abdominal area.

I wanted to give you a brief overview of our organization and why I

believe we can provide value to your website’s users as a resource on your



What We Do:


Provide informational literature such as a

mesothelioma packet and books.


Get patients connected with top doctors &

treatment centers locally to them.


Assist veterans with VA benefits and claims.


Assist patients and their families with financial



Provide a monthly support group.


All of our services are free of charge.

I am writing you because I thought you may be interested in including us

as a resource on your page at

If you are not interested in my inquiry, please let me know. I

apologize, in advance, if this message causes you any inconvenience. Thank you

for your time and consideration. Have a great day.


Jasmine McCarthy

(321) 209-1391

Public Outreach Department

Mesothelioma Center at


For the latest on Mesothelioma Awareness see:

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