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sad to announce that late last night my friend of some 30 years standing Roger Colthart died after a resolute and resourceful fight against cancer over several years.
His final period was thankfully without pain and he was fortunate enough to fulfill his wish to die at home where his wife Anne had been looking after him supported by their children and the medical and care team managed by St. David’s Nurse (MacMillan Nursing equivalent in Monmouthshire).
Roger’s wife, children, elderly mother, and one of his brothers plus other family members were present at the time of his death, also his local vicar, doctor and St. David’s Nurse as he past peacefully out of life and beyond further danger of pain and indignity.
Roger’s funeral is being carried out by his family friend Phillip Blatchley and Roger drew up the full details of his order of service some time before his death when he first considered his condition to be terminal.
Roger’s funeral will take place at St. Arvans church at 12:00hrs. on Thursday 25-Apr-2013 and those attending are invited to join with his familt and friends at The Piercefield where light refreshments will be served and the management have kindly invited those attending the church service to park and leave their cars.
Lee & I will be attending.
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To Spread The Facts World Wide To Give Others HOPE
I Have Been Fighting Cancer since 1997 & I’M STILL HERE!
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I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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