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so I had expected today to be a roundup of my recent bleeding and comments on the use of Finastiride and Tamsulosin and how we proceed to ensure no repeat of the bleeds.
It was not to be! Adam Carter believes that the last scan I had (CT) has showed a marked thickening of the bladder wall which leads him to believe that the cancer is back in the bladder wall.
The plan now is that he wants to have a consequential biopy of the tissue tacking pieces, rather than the normal (as I had last time) small clips of tissue and having it biopsied.
The problem, apart from the obvious, is the risk level of a General Anaesthetic and an epidural is deffinitely out due to the risk of bleeding into the spinal column and resultant paralysis! The risks are still considered consequential so soon after the heart attack and in view of the drugs I’m taking. Adam Carter wants me to see the anaesthetist who will assess the risk and the apposite response.
So now I wait for a slot on Adam Carter’s operating list, which he promises as soon as possible!
The result of the biopsy will be about 10 days from the procedure and the outcome will dictate the way forward – there is a possibility that the thickenning is a result of all the treatment, radio therapy and the like, that I have had but Carter’s considered opinion is that it is a return of cancer and neither chemo. nor further radio theraph are a possibility as I’m all dosed out on that and there is no likelihood it would have an effect.
So if it is a return of cancer, which I must accept is likely, then the only hope is a radical cystectomy and at the same time a radical prostectomy and hope it hasn’t metastesized elsewhere and we have caught it in time.
Time will tell!
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