09-Dec-2011 – Dr. LESTER & MY FIRST full CONSULTATION WITH results!

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well it was CT Scan on Wednesday and true to form Velindre does us proud by avoiding a long period of ‘Super Scanziety’ and it is straight in to see Jason Lester my oncology consultant who has planned and orchestrated my treatment since my cancer moved up a grade from the care of ‘urology’ specialists at The Royal Gwent in Newport.

It became obvious a year ago that I was moving up a pay grade!

My op on New Years Eve showed that I was in trouble! Then eventually the NHS managed to get their act together and organise a CT Scan – due to the utter incompetence of NHS Wales the scan I should have had in January eventually delivered a result in April! This delay due to NHS Wales mismanagement see CLICK HERE – the outright theft of NHS money to fund NHS Wales vanity projects is a disgrace! How many people have died so that Welsh politicians could rebrand to suit their politics!!!!!!!!!!

I met Jason Lester in April and from his comments it was clear that my prognosis was NOT good and my life expectancy ran to just a couple of months!

My thanks to Dr. Lester and all those caring people on his team and lets not forget the front line staff at the Gwent who have provided the treatment and care that has kept me alive for the last 13 years of cancer!

Dr. Lester’s clinic was running spot on and at 14:00hrs. my ‘Super Scanziety’ ended with an early Christmas present!

My Flexi at the Gwent had been really good with no signs of tumour and even scar tissue was hard to find but surprisingly the CT Scan was also excellent – No sign of any additional tumours with at least a 50% shrinkage of the original tumours in the abdomen and lymph system – thatn is not to say the cancer is gone but it is probably clear with the original tumours either dormant or just scar tissue.

So now with the cancer seemingly gone it is now a watching brief for the future.

I can but hope that after 13 years under cancer’s sword of Damaclese with both short and long term scares!
there will at last be a period of respite!

My thanks to all who have done so much to help and encourage me, support and help during these 13 rather difficult years – Thank you but let us not forget the many who have not been so fortunate and on that note please spend a moment thinking of those you have known, cared for or loved who lost their private war with cancer during those 13 years – not least in my life have been John, my Father, Jean, my Father’s younger brother Alan, Peter, Dave and so very many more!

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