More disobedience in fortress NHS

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The NHS is a fortress. Too big to be managed, too big to be accountable. And the unaccountable managers mismanage with impunity.

Thus we had the Daily Mail telling us that “family doctors have been ordered to ration the number of patients they send for life-saving cancer scans to save money”.

Now, as the article explains, this contradicts government policy.

The cuts are being brought in despite Government pledges to give GPs better access to cancer tests in the hope of saving 5,000 lives a year…. But it has since emerged that a quarter of Primary Care Trusts are actively discouraging GPs from sending patients for these tests.

And five Primary Care Trusts have actually banned family doctors from sending patients directly for scans. These delays will doubtless kill some people.

As usual, the Department of Health didn’t know what was going on inside the fortress it supposedly controls.

Now Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has ordered NHS chief executive David Nicholson to write to every single trust telling them they must not impose such ‘blanket restrictions’.

13% of GPs had been told to reduce the number of patients they sent for MRI and CT scans – commonly used to diagnose cancer.

Who gave these instructions in the first place? How many of them will be sacked?


While we wait, there’s more. New research shows that thousands of patients are being denied hip and knee replacements, cataract operations and IVF as PCTs try to save money.

A survey of 300 family doctors by Pulse magazine found that many had been told to ration certain procedures not deemed urgent, which also include hernia operations and blood-testing for diabetes.

How many of those anonymous, unaccountable managers will be hauled up and sacked?


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