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on one of the many Forums I contribute to (most of which are political thought and debate – and discussion of world events with a smattering of other subjects!):

In answer to the comment most men seem to get prostate cancer

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 johnofgwent Said: 

Yes, they do. I have no idea why, but surveys carried out in this country by the NHS proved a majority of men over the age of 50 “on the slab” had this cancer to some degree, but died of something else before the cancer had expressed itself to any great degree.

Midas rightly felt it apposite to query this:

Eh?? According to Cancer Research, there were 37,051 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in the UK in the last year for which they publish full figures (2008), that’s approximately 0.12% of the male population….

My interjection was:


I believe both of you are right.

John has stated a projected autopsy rate whilst Midas has presented a live diagnosis rate based on all age groups (which is a bit misleading).

It is a well founded belief amongst oncologists, I am given to believe, that most men over 60 or 65 have prostate cancerous cells, most over 70 have traceable prostate cancer but few will find time to die of it before something else spares them!

CAVEAT: many believe that a high PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) reading in the blood indicates cancer of the prostate.

I do NOT have prostate cancer but due largely to age and genetics I have an enlarged prostate and one of the lobes is notably enlarged – my PSA is thus very high as with a bigger but otherwise healthy prostate PSA output is high.

A high PSA in a random test is little more than an indication there MIGHT be enlargement and that the enlargement MIGHT be cancerous.

PLEASE NOTE – I am NOT qualified in this or any other medical field – merely experienced ;(

I hope this helps – so panic not John even if you are found to have a problem it may well be benign – and may I suggest Midas that you check if in doubt but be minded that few with prostate cancer are diagnosed in life and only a small percentage of those find it to be life threatening or terminal.

DO NOTE: The sooner ANY cancer is identified the better – do NOT permit your doctors to fob you off without providing sound and plausible reasons for urethral, vaginal or anal bleeding – ALL are un-natural (save for the obvious!0.

Do NOT accept any fob off for any type of prolonged dull ache pain from the pelvic or abdomen area nor any ‘flash’ pain that repeats from the pelvis or down the upper leg(s) from the pelvis.

7,500,000 people a year die from cancer each year – many could have been given extra years of quality life had they been diagnosed early.

YOUR HEALTH is YOUR responsibility and ignoring symptoms is foolish in the extreme.

Anyone who wants to chat about cancer or possible cancer is welcome to call me if you believe my 13 years of experience of this pernicious disease can help them and anyone just wanting a chatty look at cancer do read my blog.

It is a prostate gland and not as many seem to name it prostrate!

The prostate is a male specific gland producing a sugary type nutrient fluid as a carrier for semen and thus a seminal fluid.

The gland is about the size of a walnut, though it tends to enlarge with age, and it is located at the base of the male bladder where the urethra (Drain pipe for the bladder!) passes through its center.

There is a belief that HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) may well be carried in these seminal fluids giving rise to HPV which if contracted young (before natural resistances have built up adequately) may well develop into cancer of the esophagus, rectum or vagina – dependent on ones practices!

For more information do read my blog. IF you feel it will help you opr a friend.


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