22-Jun-2011 – Tiredness & Perifferal Flah in The Left Eye!

22-Jun-2011 – Tiredness & Perifferal Flah in The Left Eye!

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well I went to bed relatively early for me last night and slept until 08:45 this morning which was a long sleep for me.

I have a strange flashing to the left eye in a semie circle to the left – it is on the periffery and intermittent – my guess is it is chemo related and a slight blockage somewhere on the optic nerve – I wonder if it will clear and if not when the brain will learn to ignore it!

Eventually after listening to the radio, as I do, for a while I got up – this was more a matter of my antibiotics were downstairs and I have to have them without milk intake for an hour before and two hours afterwards – thats the Ciprofloxacin twice a day tablet.

Bored and a bit dull headed but that passed by about 10:30hrs.

It is now 13:00hrs. and I must admit I feel very tired! It is almost an effort to stay awake – not me atall.

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I do make a lousy patient!

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