15-Jun-2011 – My LAST CHEMO in This Round!

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well today is the last hit with Chemo in theory!

We arrived on time but unsure whether to go straight to ‘Bloods‘ or to CDU (Chemo Day Unit) – we opted for CDU and as we walked in Louise was by the door with a cheery greeting and Carmen came over with a big hug and how is it going 😉

I asked if they wanted me to go to bloods but they did it on the unit for me and sent them off as they thought it would be quicker.

Meanwhile rather than hang around Lee and I went off to RadioTherapy booking to see if we could get a better appointment – 09:50hrs. on a Friday Morning seemed a bit like victimisation from Chepstow!!!

No problem atall and we are now booked for 11:50hrs. which seems a whole lot more civilised!

The secretary was great and gave us a couple of very good leaflets in an attempt to explain RadioTherapy and the procedures – I gather I get a tattoo for them to spot focus on! I thought a bat would be better than a butterfly but apparently all I get is a dot!

I must admit tattoos have always mystified me and why would ANYONE think they are a lavatory wall and cover themselves with graffiti? Almost as foolish as filling yourself with nuts, bolts and rings with piercings which virtually without exception look revolting.

Well back to the CDU dropping off a box of chcolates at ‘Phlebottomy’ and then via the information unit with all its leaflets and computers for patients to use – to CDU where a box of chocolates was most welcome!

A few minutes later and having chatted with a couple of anxious looking newcomers it was off to my chair and plug up for this weeks dose ofChemo. The cannella seems easier each time and then a quick flush with saline to clear the vein and ensure it is OK, whilst The Gemcitabine is set up on the stand for delivery.

It is tedious waiting for this dose of toxin to be pumped into you – well aware that MAYBE it will make you better but for sure it will make you feel ropey! However the atmosphere on the unit seems to take a lift when Lee and I arrive with all these angst ridden folk looking concerned by the end of the session we seem to have them all telling jokes and chatting together comparing notes!

I must say I find it so much easier to cope with having some black humour and banter – Otherwise it can be rather unrelenting gloom, as lets face it none of us are exactly well!

On completion, with no drugs to collect we have been berrated by all the staff to drop in whenever we are back for RadioTherapy or clinics – and we will because these cheery folk have made what could have been a daunting and scarey ride more of a party!

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