14-Jun-2011 – Consultant Makes A Fool of Himself over NHS REFORMS

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A Complete pratt of a Doctor makes a fool of himself and his hospital – undermining his staff and making himself look an idiot showing off – Sad really when The Tories are already suffering from OUR-ENEMY-WITHIN who are trying to waterdown NHS Modernisation!

Anyone so insecure they need to hold their head on with a wing nut has got to have a problem! 

Doc tells PM’s group: Off my ward!

Bemused ... David Cameron looks stunned at consultant's intervention as he visit patient accompanied by Nick Clegg

Stunned … David Cameron and deputy Nick Clegg look shocked at consultant’s tirade during hospital visit

DAVID Cameron was left stunned when a furious doctor burst in on the unveiling of his revised NHS reforms at a patient’s bedside today, screaming: “Get out!”

The irate senior orthopaedic surgeon stormed into the ward and ordered out TV crews filming the Prime Minister and deputy Nick Clegg, for ignoring hygiene rules aimed at preventing the spread of disease.
The consultant, seen wearing a bow tie, complained that several people in the room at Guy’s Hospital, London did not have their sleeves rolled up.
He was heard on TV footage shouting: “Why is that we are all told to walk around like this and these people…?”
Both Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg looked stunned by the sudden verbal blast, which came as they were due to announce findings from the NHS Future Forum.

Video: Doc rage as Cam visits hospital

SURGEON gets angry at group with PM and Clegg over ward dress code

Baffled Mr Cameron — who apologetically put his hands up and gestured at the TV crew to leave the ward — then said: “Why don’t we erm, why don’t we, why don’t you disappear… I agree.. out… because we’ve all taken our ties off.”
A member of hospital staff then ushers the consultant out of the ward but as the camera crew leaves, the doctor bellows: “I’m not having it, now OUT.”
It is understood that journalists in the PM’s party had checked with the ward sister whether they needed to wash their hands and roll up their sleeves. They were told it was not necessary because they were not coming into close contact with patients.
Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg had observed the drill because they were going to be close to the man.
A hospital spokeswoman said: “Arrangements for today’s visit were entirely consistent with infection control policy. One individual member of staff expressed concern with one element of the infection control measures employed, but this was not a view shared by the wider team.”

'Not having it' ... irate consultant's rant is caught on camera

‘Not having it’ … irate consultant’s rant is caught on camera
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