18-Mon-2011 MEA CULPA!


my blog has slipped behind!

Firstly I am due for Clinic at 14:30hrs. later today and then hopefully Chemo. on Wednesday.

My Diary section is a complete muddle due to re-scheduling.

My Uncle Alan at 83 still has no answers but had blood tests in preparation for an FNA on Tuesday which is a little daunting at 83 since St. Thomas’s failed when they tried!

An FNA is a Fine Needle Aspiration in which they have a CT scan and then insert a needle into the tumour to withdraw a sample for biopsy. Let us hope all goes well – Brenda is going with him, no doubt after over 60 years together she is far too angst ridden to remain at home alone!

Well as you gathered my leukocytes and platelets were too low for last weeks chemo. so let us hope they have built up adequately for this week – tomorrow will tell.

I feel remarkably well but constantly tired.

Perhaps part of the reason for my blog lapsing is that I am still angry with the incompetence of the management and political structure of The NHS in Wales and before I actually write my formal complaints and publish them wide and far I incline to calm down and consider vengeance is a dish best served cold – once I start I intend to eviccerate the bastards who quite clearly are responsible for my cancer having metastisised to the Lymph glands.

It is clearly a management failure due to the squandering of public money designed for the NHS on politicised badging projects just because they could, that cost £1Billion rather than invest in fundamental equipment to ensure Radiography kept pace with medical and clinical need.

Now we have had the direct example of the F**k Off and die its Friday principle of NHS Management that too will be expounded in ruthless detail.

My very good friend at The Sunday Times is showing much interest in the story as not only did his Father in Law die of cancer but he has very much held my hand in the past. Without his intervention at the time there is every possibility my Nephrectomy would have been delayed yet further ensuring my death 10 years ago!

I will aim to in fill the missing last week in the next few days and will also try to update The Diary to the New Schedule also!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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