07-May-2011 – 01:35hrs. I’ve Gone Dotty! Well Legs & arms!
well Royal Gwent here I come!
There is no hurry so although I HAD planned to go and catch up on sleep mid afternoon they do say ‘Life is what gets in the way of ones plans’ so make a couple of phone calls and then a shower.
I phoned my uncle/Alan as I thought if I am kept in then he just might call sometime tomorrow and might be a bit anxious if he could not get hold of me.
His biopsy at St. Thomas’ was I gather unsuccessful! He said at the time they had tried several times but the tumour was in some way very hard to access, so it now seems that they failed to get a sample and they have taken almost 3 weeks to get around to letting him know! NOT CLEVER with an 83 year old as it is clearly bound to worry them as breaks in routine and fear play a larger than life role in life.
Alan is being very stoic about it but clearly he is worried on Brenda’s behalf – after 60 years together that is hardly surprising especially as Brenda has had more than her fair share of health concerns over the last few years.
Another factor is their concern for Derek – Paula’s Father as I gather all is not well and I gather he and his wife Babs are feeling a bit dispirited at the moment.
Back to Alan and I gather since St. Thomas’ failed to get his biopsy they are going to have another go at his local hospital!!
Well I’ve made the needed calls.
A quick shower and off to The Gwent MAU (Medical Assesment Unit) to wave my Yellow card about! I must run a scan for your amusement when I get home – it is little wonder they are so helpful as it gives the impression that if I have presented and it is Velindre authorised I could fall over dead at a moments notice 😉 NOT to be read by the faint hearted!
Lee came down with me and I’m half pleased she did but the MAU was a complete zoo with waiting time on a forever basis – they were really good to us and I was given one of the consulting rooms to try to isolate me from other patients and avoid any risk of my being infected.
Every seat in the waiting area was in use and when we arrived one poor woman was bemoaning the fact that she had been waiting since 13:30hrs. And it was 20:20hrs.!

To be fair this is just a matter of bad management as when I came in on Bank Holiday Monday it was near empty!

It took about an hour for my bloods to be taken +ECG, BP (Blood Pressure) etc. then the long wait for the labs which rarely is under 1.1/2hrs. And will be more than 2 tonight at a guess!
Then there was a snag and they needed another batch of blood to use to do a culture – I get the impression they may have called Velindre.
Eventually at 00:50hrs. I’m told that I do have a slight infection showing in the blood which will have to be treated with an intraveinous drip, so I have to stay in – as yet as I haven’t actually seen a Doctor yet they are not sure if I will need a transfussion as well!
Poor Lee she looked so upset, she is so very scared for me but as yet to me it is just another bloody challenge – she is also VERY nervous at driving home alone – since we have been together almost 24/7 for 26 years although her driving is perfectly alright she has not driven anywhere alone on her own – yes with friends in the car or me in the car but not alone!
She is convinced something will go wrong and just as she is leaving she realises her mobile has gone flat! Well 01:00hrs. On a Friday night in Newport is probably her best time to start there is little or no sign of traffic about – Yes of course I’m nervous on her behalf but I have every confidence in her.
Knowing one isn’t fit enough to FIX things at the moment makes me nervous. Never before in my life have I not been master of the situation – how soon we forget ;-p Yeah Ok my nephrectomy was a bit daunting but I was 10 years younger and as it was a first I KNEW I was goint to beat the demon!
Then I never felt ILL yep frail from being cut in half but not ILL – this time around there is no doubt I feel those 10 years acutely and the relentless stress of cancer day in day out is wearing, however well one might be coping with it.
This time they are pumping my body full of Cytotoxic* chemicals and taking one to the brink – not knowing what the next symptom will be on the road to winning is naturally daunting!
I am now waiting for a bed and being set up on the drips – Lets hope they can balance me up so that I am OK to take both Carboplatin* & Gemcitabine* on Wednesday when next scheduled!
Mean while don’t mind me being worried Lee has got home OK.
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Any detail you need do try the SEARCH at the top of The Right Sidebar.
I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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