07-May-2011 – Home at last!


Just a quick post!


Don’t Dare to be unwell after 12:30hrs. on a Friday through till mid day Monday – NHS Wales has gone to a GIG

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NHS Wales has gone to a GIG

FINALLY two Doctors arrived at about 11:45hrs. both looking a bit bewildered – one female wearing headscarf and alien clothing (Afghan?) and a male also Iran, Iraqi or similar.

I was standing when they arrived and they didn’t come into the room merely said my name I confirmed and as I understood it they said you can stay till Monday if you wish or you can go home.

I stated I’d rather go home where I could at least eat, drink and sleep until I saw a competent Consultant on Monday.

My next Consultant meeting is on Monday with Lester at Velindre.

The Doctors left and the ward sister informed me that they had written up a scrip for anti biotics and as soon as they arrived I could go home.

Rachael bless her turned up just before the drugs and finally I got home at about 15:15hrs. – I survived The NHS!!!

I’ve had a large drink of fruit juice (1 pint of orange) and also a 1 pt. yoghurt and fresh fruit smoothie.

I feel a little less dehydrated and demoralised!

Lee is making a gammon steak egg, mashed potatoes and brocolli as I write and I shall be in bed by about 18:00hrs. at a guess.

All that for a course of anti biotics – >CIPROFLUXACIN 500mg. to take 12 hours apart for 7 days<!

I STRESS the total cock up of this visit to the hospital was NOT the fault of the medical staff and the nursing staff did all they possibly could – This is clearly a case of bad management, incompetent deployment of resources and utterly incompetent structuring of the NHS by idiots who have lost sight of the job.

This is NOT a matter of inadequate money but if anything TOO MUCH money in the hands of the management.

I am disgusted to hear that The Government who are at least trying to put right the 13 unlucky years of economic illiteracy and utter incompetence are now going to be sabotaged by the politicising of The NHS once again, by Nick Clegg TRYING to blame his risible results at the polls on NHS Reforms. For heavens sake someone buy him a mirror and then just look at who the Lib.Dims. have on offer!

They make UKIP Wales look competent!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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