07-May-2011 – 02:30hrs. MAU NEWPORT! Well I’ve Seen The Doctor!
well having come in at about 20:00hrs. Finally all tests done cultures etc. and the results are back and FINALLY, although I knew I was doomed to stay, I have JUST seen the Doctor.

02:30hrs. and I have actually seen someone qualified in my field!

They have however finally cleared the waiting room:

A young lass who gave her name as Minna, probable Persian or Arab (actually Iraqi/Pakistanni parents), pleasant and as with all other treatment I have had she was thorough.
I gather my platelets are down to 34 – The Consultant Haematologist has been suitably woken/annoyed ;-).
The action plan is put me onto an anti biotics for the possible infection, seemingly from the mouth/teeth as clearly the imune system is somewhat stuffed and having trouble coping with the normal infections that flourish in the mouth!!!
As for transfusing, since the normal range of platlets is around 150,000 to 300,000 expressed as 150 to 300 and mine are now down to 34 the plan is to leave well alone for the rest of the night (what little exists) keeping a watching brief and then do a full set of bloods in the morning.
Once the new bloods are through then the decisions will be made!!!
Meanwhile back at the ranch and they are trying to find me a bed – that will no doubt keep half a dozen managers occupied! I gather I MAY get a bed but failing that they will put me on a trolley.
This is in the NHS where in Wales the blithering idiots in the so aptly named National ass for Wales have squandered £1Billion of health service money.

I note even the discredited half wits in the Welsh Lib. Dims. stated in their election leaflet:

Labour and Plaid are wasting a staggering £1Billion in our NHS.
They’ve wasted money shuffling bureaucrats around instead of focusing on the real problems.
This money should have been spent on healthcare – wasting it is a disgrace.

Not least of the stupidities has been rebadging The Gwent area NHS from the meaningless Glan Hafran Trust to the even more foolish Aneurin Bevan Trust – rebadging EVERYTHING – so just imagine the cost of that.

They have even produced an entirely new uniform for all the nurses right across Wales – they are ugly beyond belief!

Imagine a nurses uniform top that is firstly too short for the width of all too many of the nurses!
Secondly what idiot would design a nurses uniform that could ONLY be removed over the head!

This of course is prone to destroying any effort they may make to have a hair style, but far more concerning, do the idiots who designed them expect nursing staff to cut their way out and throw them away if they become contaminated with let us say blood, faeces or vomit!

Did anyone do any joined up thinking?
I am also aware that many of the nurses have found the new fabric used causes rashes.
The NHS quite clearly, like so much else in the over blown and over pasi public sector Kleptocracy of QUANGOs needs root and branch pruning reducing the useless levels of management and political nere do wells and apparatchicks by at least 50% to start with.
How can we expect a decent health service when it is dragged to its knees, not by medical requirements but management incompetence and political interferrence.
Oh well I gather I am considered quite unwell – it is astonishing that after 4 hours sleep last night I was awake at about 09:30hrs. And it is 03:00hrs. And still no bed.
The medical side jumps through all the hoops and delivers to the best of the equipment and manpower available.
Yes there ARE more managers feeding off of The NHS than there are beds – it is those excessive managers who believe that the best way to improve the service is to pay ever higher salaries, perks and pensions to managers and fund it by out sourcing basic secretarial services to Indian companies via Irish sub contractors – you couldn’t make it up could you!
OK no bed is likely to be available but they can give me a trolley in the open trolley bay!
I wonder how many wards the managers have closed this weekend to fund their salaries and pension contributions.
We have decided that since bloods will probably be somewhere around 05:00hrs. to 06:00hrs. I’ll stay in this consulting room and if very tired I can doze!
I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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