06-May-2011 – I’ve Sprung A Leak & Gone Dotty! (PETECHIAE)

with the election on and waiting to see if by some outright fluke UKIP might get a seat in The National Ass for Wales I eventually trundled off to bed (not remotely tired!) at about 04:30hrs.
I was awake at 09:30hrs. Woken by my mouth now just as the Ulcers are clearing a bit the molars on the left seem to consider a bit of infection top and bottom might be fun!
I gave up on the idea of sleep and went back to the computer!
Lee surfaced sometime later and did her normal dash around – new ink for the laser printer to pick up from Maxine’s – delivery there is always easier!
Then she had to go to the Post Office and pick up some forms – then to see James to sort some gas.
Then a quick panic to catch Boots for the prescription only to find the the pharmacist in a grump and no sign of the prescription I arranged for last night!!
I just managed to catch the surgery and they were very helpful as they had not put it theough in time for the Boots collection!
Eventually the Scrip was phoned through paperwork to follow and when Lee went up to collect the Pharmasist had had a personality change and was chatty and helpful – Strange.
Whist she was dashing about I raided the fridge and subsequent events make that a happy accident!
Having eaten and now with an ample supply of mouth wash and deadener I thought I was OK for the weekend and with Clinic on monday all was well until I looked at my legs! Fortunately I was still wearing a dressing gown!
I was just off for a shower and looked at my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have large areas of pin prick rash under the skin – looks to me as if my platelettes have dropped further and I’m getting some kind of leakage from the capillaries – what know I, but since I was told to ring the help line if in doubt – this registers as doubt.
Icalled Velindre duty pager chemo. She was not prepared to reach a decision without checking with the duty Doctor as the symptoms do indicate a possible fall in platelettes.
Dr. called back and wants my bloods checked! I was on 45 for plateletts, Wednesday week ago, when I last had chemo. 
On Monday when my temperature was high I had been down to 43(000) although these readings are very low considering normal range starts at 150 to 300! Actually I gather one has 150,000 to 300,000 platlets per ?
My low levels are within the peramaters expected, I understand – much lower would start to concern!
I gather the condition (symptom) is known as PETECHIAE
I just want to be certain they are OK and all my counts etc. are OK to pump more of the loverly Carboplatin & Gemcitabine that is due next Wednesday!
When you have cancer you make chemo. Your friend as it is only trying to help – even if it does tend to beat you around a bit – the enemy is the cancer not the chemo!
Hard at times to be convinced the drugs that make you feel rotten are the only deterrent to the cancer and without the drugs AND the side effects the outcome becomes inevitable!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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