03-May-2011-20:30hrs. – I Must TRY To UPDATE GOOD NEWS TOO!

I really must make more effort to update when my location changes as Roger had been reading the blog and Anne phoned thinking she would be speaking to Lee as I was still seemingly in hospital.
Mea Culpa – I was out again and had not caught up so she was quite surprised when I answered the phone!
Anyway it was really great that knowing I was in hospital or at least having read the blog and thought I was still there Anne and a couple of others called up to offer Lee support – Thanks, it really is a great help for both of us.
Roger is back on Sutent but this time the dose is down to 37.5 as 50 had just made him too ill – this time to their relief his system seems to be controlling the side effects a bit better. The normal fatigue but not the more extreme manifestations he had during the last cycle on 50mg. Dosage which he had been forced to abandon.
Roger has picked up an error in my brief comments on his Cancer Trail as it started NOT with RCC but with Prostate Cancer and what seemed to be a very successful radical prostetectomy. There was every reason to believe that he was in the clear.
Then a completely new round started with RCC this time but he has promised to write up his details rather better for me and I’ll include them on a link on this blog.
Check out the Hot Links in the Right sidebar for more details or use The SEARCH BOX at the top of the sidebar.
Anyway – yes I’m back home and my thanks to Anne and others for their calls of support.
I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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