28-Apr-2011 – St. DAVID’s NURSING aka MacMILLAN


well having stumbled off to bed this morning at 10 to 7 around 10:50hrs. I woke up with a sore mouth and really horrid tummy ache – I can’t work out whether the stomach ache is some sort of side effect or maybe just a product of swallowing too much air with my ffod as I gulpped it being unable to chew or swallow properly – either way it wasn’t until the following evening that it finally stopped being a pain!

I malingered and felt sorry for myself in bed until about 12:30hrs. when I heard Lee doing something in the kitchen – I am so restless she has given up trying to sleep in our bed and usually when I wake up she has slid off to sleep in peace and comfort without being kicked and elbowed and is in the spare bedroom – who can blame her.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah those thoughts ill become you!

I got up chucked my 2nd. dose of mouth wash for the morning in and swished it about for the required 3 minutes! The instructions on that bottle say take 15ml. and swish around the mouth for 3 minutes – one wonders if the chap who wrote the instructions had ever tried it with mouth ulcers – 10ml. is no problem but with mouth ulcers the second you put 0.2% solution of CHLORHEXIDINE GLUCONATE in your mouth the saliva glands go into overdrive!

OK so after about 1 minute it seems like you have at least a cup full in your mouth and after 2 minutes you have no choice but to spit some out!

Then off to the office – about an hour later the phone goes and it is Nairn from St. David’s Nursing they largely fill the role in Monmouthshire and Wales of MacMillan Nursing in England – she is just down the road and can she pop in.

PANIC – I’m still in a dressing gown so Lee meets her and I throw some clothes on!

I remember Nairn clearly when I see her, as I had meetings with her when Lee’s Mother had Brain Cancer and during those 3 cruel months.

We sat outside on the bench for a while chatting, although I’m not meant to go in the sun, yet another side effect of chemo!

Nairn went through the various ways she could assist Lee and I during this battle and it is surprising what doors she can instantly open.

The main thing from my point of view is the knowledge that Lee now has a competent support situation if I do suddenly get ill in the battle, and they will help her through it until I recover.

I’ve managed to beat this bastard disease4 for 13 years and just ‘cos the Book Makers only offer 5-15% survival if people only backed certainties the entire racing business would collapse!

We don’t expect it to be easy but over the last 13 years with Lee’s Mother, both my parents and my Aunt all having far from simple deaths we really don’t expect easy! Also we know so many people who have been in contact with me as a result of the help line I have offered both sufferers, fighters and carers not least of whom was our good friends Rosemarie and Peter and the cruel and savage death of Peter from Prostate cancer at 60 just as they were both about to retire.

My parents house keeper and help Pat is battling at the moment and she has served the family for about 30 years – her husband was doing some part time building for Lee and I and put a new flat roof on my parent’s house for us and suddenly in the middle of another job, just before Christmas he developed a cancer on his neck which he was firstly treated with chemo for but it wasn’t too wonderful and so he finished a course of radio therapy just a fortnight ago and we are all keeping our fingers crossed.

Then of course there is Robin who had a radical prostectomy and has regular treatment now to try to control his metateses! We chat on the phone regularly and take the mickey out of our respective situations.

Then there is Roger who we have known for 30 years and he has so far lost a kidney, an adrenal gland, some intestine and half his liver to RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma) he is struggling his way through his 2nd. or 3rd. course of Sutent under the same specialist as I am at Velindre.

Then there is Stuart Archer and having beaten bowel cancer once it has come raging back and his chemo is beating him about harshly and although he knows his prognosis is not good he is fighting it all the way with hopes for further treatments if this round of chemo lets him down.

Just to add to it there is Alan – my Father’s younger brother who was fast losing his voice and they have now found a lump on his lung which was crushing the nerve to the vocal chord – at 83 he is fairly pragmatic about it but all too well aware that Brenda could not cope if he was incapacitated and their only son is now an American citizen as he and his wife Paula (whose Father has cancer) live in West Virginia.

I guess Cancer burst into my life with my cousin John who died after an 11 year battle when he was only in his early 50s 15-Jul-1994 and I guess the next was Mike Slinn and so on and on and on!

Would it be fair to say there does seem to be a lot of it about!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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