25-Apr-2011 – Efforts To Prove My ID to be able to die!!!
Even If I Don’t Want It For Years 😉


I probably only spent a total of 6 or 7 minutes in direct sunlight on Saturday in and out of a few shops and friends’ but I was aware of a sore (not very) scalp on this morning when I brushed my hair after a shower.

I shall have to be even more carefull of the side effect of sensitivity to the sun!

ME sensative to the sun!!!

Well off to Cribbs Causeway (shopping center at Junction 17 on the M5), Lee drove as she needs the practice in case I am unable to drive for her at some stage.

What a revolting concept shopping centers are, with their erzats blandness and impersonal sameness – it is extrodinary as one walks towards a shop assistant how, like some photo electric cell sensitive doll, they stand up straight gaining at least 2″ and develope plastic smiles to go with their part trained modulated offers of assistance!

We were able to get what I wanted but not a staff object in sight! I wanted some photos for a new passport – you would be astonished at how much ID is needed for legal forms and payments – Funny but no one has ever asked me for ID when they extort money FROM me.

Lee wanted a larger memory for her Olympus camera – probably to justify all the lenses!

She is struggling to come to terms with both the new technology AND the new camera which seems to do everything but make tea!!

Me technocrass so I avoid all settings on all cameras and try to work out what >AUTO< is but Lee feels a need to work out what all the buttons do and in howmany different ways!!!

I have a Canon IXUS130 which is small enough to carry in my waistcoat pocket and has a huge screen big enough for me to see. Yes I said see – there is no implication therein that I understand what I see!

Photography to me is strictly point and press despite having owned 10s of £1,000 of cameras over the years – I have NEVER had much interest in viewing the world through a view finder.

Whatever! Well we upgraded the memory so now I presume Lee will feel a need to upgrade her understanding of the complexity, which may explain why she is getting up early in the morning to act as a guid for Simon and a couple of friends who are near professional in their ability. Off to a few of the very impressive bluebell woods and view points around Speech House in The Forest of Dean.

On the way home we dropped in to see Gerald & Carol as being a Financial Adviser he is kindly sorting out various details for me – whether it is the illness, the treatment or just that I have an excuse now I just so hate ‘Bumf’. I lose patience witjh it in a matter of minutes.

Eventually we left at about 21:00hrs. as I was starting to flag a little, I lack energy which strangely comes in waves!

My mouth and swallowing are both very sore with ulcers as a side effect of chemo and the mouth washes etc. are doing little to control the discomfort nor the feeling my tongue has doubled in width and is raw – which produces extra saliva which means yet more painful swallowing!

Yes I’m being self indulgent and complaining but I have been immensly lucky as apart from a rather jaded feeling and a sore mouth I seem so far to have avoided the expected side effects and the pag of various anti sickness pills remains unopened!

Do remember this blogs aim is to tell the story warts and all to help others facing down the Grim Reaper with a deck stacked against them. Whatever the bastard’s disguise:

I have age and general fitness on my side and also 13 years of practice so lets see if we can beat the bastard for another 13 years!

Alan, my Father’s youngest brother is now 83 and as a result of losing his voice a couple of months ago has recently been diagnosed with cancer on the lung which is putting pressure on the nerve controlling the vocal chords.

As yet they have no firm treatment plan for him but let us hope it is a slow acting version at his age as with Simon (his son) living in West Virgina and now an American citizen to loose his voice and not be able to speak with him would be an added irritant. Simon’s wife Paula’s parents live locally to Alan & Brenda but although younger her Father is having his own second battle with The Reaper – so that is the three of us with cancer – woopy doo!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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