23-Apr-2011 – SO FAR SO GOOD – WELL ‘ISH!


firstly what a wonderfull day and such a change for the Millions who normally sit and watch the rain for Easter – not just sunshine all day but completely out of character in terms of temperature.

To see so many people out enjoying it was great.

Sadly when IO got up I was feeling a bit jades – no particular malady but just a feeling of having a hangover with achey eyes and a sort of ‘squinty’ feeling from a mild headache.

Hence so far so good ‘ish.

Also I am not allowed out in the sun as I gather the chemo makes my skin particularly sensative!

As the day progressed my mouth deteriorated but that was expected – the sides of my tongue and other areas are becoming increasingly raw.

I’ve been using Corsodyl mouth wash and can continue but the chemist has supplied VERY soft heads for my electric toothbrush and also an additional mouth wash ‘Aloclair’ which is great and leaves a coating of protection which is soothing.

It may well be St. David’s Day but I don’t feel much like dragon slaying today and in fact I feel rather more as if I have been doing a fire eating act and breathing flame!

Either way may I both remind you of the day 2h3n on th 23-Apr-303 St. George died and wish you one day a return of the freedom he risked his life to grant these United Kingdoms – Free of the Dragon!

On the subject of temperature, which we weren’t really – I actually unpacked the thermometer that Velindre supplied to ensure I could take my temperature.

Astonishingly the leaflet is printed on both sides:

74cm. x 42cm.
Double Sided!
There is also a double sided printed leaflet 40cm. x 23cm. telling me how to protect the environment by the manner in which I must dispose of the battery!

I wonder just how many pages of instructions weren’t followed to achieve the catastrophy in Japan – a catastrophy which risks the possibility still of a Catastrophic Gamma Ray Incidence.

Either way good luck all and there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Japan is having difficulty in getting my dose right!
Sadly there is truth in the fact that if the 60 tons of spent fuel and the rods from Reactor 4 do go to thermal melt down – still a possibility the first deaths from gamma rays will be in about 12 seconds and there is every reason to believe that South Island could become uninhabitable for over a Century and with losses in days of around 90 Million – the Fuckushima incident IS that dangerous and WOULD be that catastrophic – it does make one feel very selfish thinking of how I can keep my cancer at bay when there are so many bigger problems!
Well my mouth is so very sore I think I shall toddle off to bed soon and hope it has settled by the morning.
Spot the deliberate mistake – cold meat salad was difficult but OK – Pineapple cubes in juice and cream was not such a smart idea and Lee’s generosity with her fresh orange was a very painful mistake!

I can’t complain at least in this beautiful weather I’m not feeling sick and up chucking!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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