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2008 August 25 – I HAVE THE ANSWER for Cancer Research!

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I’ve just put this on the Cancer Research comments section on their web site:
http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org … omment-537


May I suggest that if you are worried that you have or may get Kidney Cancer and need to claim on your Health Service:-

Make sure you are on a Government QUANGO the beauty of the job is that the Government doesn’t believe in the Health Service and provides all its senior staff with PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE!
Also the Government doesn’t believe in the Public Pension Service so it gives all its Staff prefferential INFLATION LINKED PENSIONS to compensate for the c*ck up they know they will make in Government.
Also Government staff on QUANGOs are not held accountable for mistakes just put all the data you can find on your provided Lap Top and lose it like the MoD do having lost over 700 to date!

If you want more expenses just loose your CD with all the records on them and claim for a larger sum.
Perhaps you have been away for the last month in Beijing with the other QUANGO members and 650 people funded from the public purse who had NO relevance to performing in the tedious and obscenely costly farce.

Join N.I.C.E. or a P.C.T. where you can be sure of no meaningful work, regular long holidays, inflation linked pensions, early retirement, stress related compensation, staff car schemes and of course PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE as of course you can’t relly on or trust the old NHS which is so badly managed it is obviously broken.

Don’t worry your job will be safe N.I.C.E. alone has a budget of £30,000,000 and if you need a pay rise you can take it out of the drug budget and kill off a few more Cancer Patients – they’re a nuisance anyway they just won’t die quietly they are just selfish – next they will start demonstrating but never mind the Government is on your side on a QHANGO so the State Police will be called in under the terrorism laws we can just murder them – woops sorry Mr. Menenez can we have those 8 bullets back!

Cover your risk – join a QUANGO.

The other beauty of a QUANGO or Government job is you get promoted for lies – look at Blair and his lies about Iraq which used so much of the money we could have used for health. Why do soldiers get health care? They knew the risks they should be like smokers or the obese and denied care!
Mandelson lied so often he is now an EU commissioner WITH PRIVATE HEALTH CARE!
On a £2.4Billion Budget I note incompetency and waste has already run that to £9.3Billion and it is rumoured the Olympics will cost Britain over £18,000,000,000 – Howmany people will the Government have to kill to pay for their tedious sport? Already they CLAIM that due to their incompetence they are going to have to kill Kidney Cancer patients!

Quick join a QUANGO and be safe for life.

Join me at http://www.KidneyCancerResource.com where we can fight this clearly non political issue!
First they came for the Jews but I was not a Jew so I did nothing….’

Regards and Warm Hands,
Greg L-W.

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Greg L-W.

Blog Entry: User:Greg L-W./BlogEntry: 2008 August 25 01:13:35 BST

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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