12-Apr-2011 – DEATH by MANAGEMENT?


early screening is a great idea, as one of the great keys to Cancer survival is early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

It does make me wonder that although I have now had cancer for 13 years this latest TCC (Transitional Cell Carcinoma) was obvious during my bladder op. in December – just look at the Cancer Diary and consider the dates!

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Having discovered the tumour in the bladder and aware that it MIGHT be through the bladder wall I can only call the 4.1/2 months of delay utter incompetence on the part of management at some level in the idiotic multi level QUANGOcracy that is Britain’s NHS of today, as a result of the 13 years of obscene misrule and economic illiteracy of our Government.

Had my surgeon in December been able to carry on and do the obvious by removing a cuff or coin around the site and re-establish the integrity of the bladder at the time would I now be facing a potential death sentence? Would cancer have ever had the chance to spread to the lymph glands?

Would I need chemo. with its consequences and far from wonderfull side effects and poor prognosis?

To what extent can it now be argued that due to the incompetence of the multi layered QUANGOcracy that is the modern NHS and the childish doctrinal weenie waggling of NHS Wales, desperately wasting public money on reforms and rebadging etc. – not because it provides a better service but purely because they can to hide their over staffing and inadequacies as managers or even politicians they end up killing patients.

Just what is the value of spending a small fortune on rebadging The NHS Health Care in Monmouthshire after Aneurin Bevan when he was clearly utterly useless, was arguably one of the first champagne socialists – neglected his constituents in The Valleys and although married to an outspoken Communist used his Ministerial income to buy a farm in Surrey or was it Sussex.

Just what did Aneurin Bevan ever do for Health Care in Britain let alone wales – it was he who was charged to implement the decision made by the previous Government and agreed to by Labour and The Liberals to impliment Lord Beverridge’s Plan for a National Health Service and almost all of todays problems in The NHS can be attributed to Aneurin Bevin who seemingly was too stupid to understand The Beverridge Plan and could not resist tampering with it – resulting in it becoming a political football with a massive overstaffing of managers relative to medical staff and medical management – we lack even the ability to train adequate staff hence the huge number of aliens imported from third world countries who can ill afford to loose their most valuable assets!

Surely the cost of rebadging in Monmouthshire would have been far better spent on another CT Scanner and better management of MEDICAL resources – who cares what uniform nurses have or what fatuous badges are on NHS vehicles.

I believe a more available scanner would stand far more chance of having saved my life and ensured that the cancer had not spread than any amount of ego trips for inadequates with what can only be described as non jobs!

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Which together with this CLICK HERE
indicates it is not just The NHS going off the rails!

We seem not only to have moved into a ‘Post democratic Era’ where Politicians are an entity in their own right but where we have little or no meaningful say as all too much of our lives is clearly founded on NON Science, NON Logic, NON Entities and NON Jobs functioning for their own personal gain at the expense of the society they are paid to serve yet seemingly believe are merely there to ensure their incomes!

When will a death due to this level of self serving indifference be found to be at least manslaughter if not murder by a Coroners’ Court or is that as hopelessly unlikely as a Police Officer being charged with murder when they gun down yet another innocent victim!

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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