03-Apr-2011 – Tomorrow Is just daunting!


I have to be at The Royal Gwent Hospital at 09:00hrs. in the morning – for me that time of day is quite daunting enough!

That means leaving the house for a 1/4mile walk to where my car has to be parked, due to idiotic planning by MBC. So to be sure to be on time I need to leave at about 08:00hrs. so up at about 07:15hrs.

I guess as the treatment ‘beats me about’ I’d better get one of those Blue Badges just in case I plain can’t cope with a walk that far!

Yeah I know that is making a fuss about something all sorts of people do as a natural every day but may I remind them they haven’t had this bastard disease for 13 years! My sleep patterns are crazy!

So find somewhere to park at The Royal Gwent and pick up a form from whoever is on duty on The Urology Unit and set out on the trek to Phlebotomy for them to take at least half an arm full of bloods – before we go any further My Consultant wants to know every detail he can, which is reassuring.

Then for the trek to Nuclear Medicine where I am due at 10:00hrs. to WILLINGLY!!!! be injected with a Radioactive Isatope (as if the Japanese folly isn’t delivering enough already! – Well the probably will soon!).

I then have to find something to do for about 4 hours until I glow from every bone!

Then back to be scanned for a full skeletal scan – I’m told there are no side effects from the drug/injection but I must say if I am to keep away from Pregnant Women and small children (easy as it tends to be a habit on my part!!) I just have this feeling that if it MIGHT harm third parties then it can’t be doing me much good!

Interestingly, as Lee will confirm, I am finding it increasingly difficult to actually DO anything or make decisions – which at a time like this is so very selfish of me but I am increasingly focusing on beating this vile disease. Perhaps it will be a bit more rational after Wednesday when I get the results and we ‘Make a Plan’ for treatments and what that might entail.

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!

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